A Marvelous and Bizarre Fa-Rectification Experience

Shi Tou, a Dafa Practitioner i

PureInsight | November 11, 2002

I am a Dafa practitioner in northeastern China. I'd like to share a marvelous experience I had yesterday when I hung up truth clarification banners in the street. Before I tell the story, you should know that I followed the banner-hanging method specified at minghui.org on August 1, 2002. [1]

Yesterday I found an appropriate spot to hang the banner in an alley. I threw a fine string with a large screw over an electric wire. When the screw fell on the ground, the end with the string tied onto the screw already hung over the electric wire. At the other end of the string was a piece of cardboard, connected to a wire frame to keep the banner upright. The paper was fixed on a specially shaped 3-D metal frame supporting a banner that was already secured to it. Pulling the screw-end of the string would raise the banner on the other side. The paper, reinforced with glue, with a thick metal S-shaped wire loop at the bottom would balance itself perfectly over the electric wire caught in the loop. When I pulled the string again all the way down, the entire string would travel through the "paper card" and fall on the ground. Thus, the fine string and the heavy screw were reusable.

I had set up everything and thrown the string over the electric wire. All I needed to do was to pull the fine string to hang up the banners. At that moment, two electric tricycles rode toward me. I stood by the side of the alley to yield to the tricycles. When the tricycles had just passed, I turned and saw the banner was pulling itself slowly in the air. Inch by inch, the banner seemed to pull itself higher and higher with some rustling sound coming from the bushes. This really puzzled me. How could the banner pull itself? I was very certain that one end of the banner was tied to the cap, and the other end was tied with the banner, and that both ends of the string were on the ground before I gave way to the tricycles. How could the string move if nobody had pulled it? Finally, the banner was hung successfully on the electric wire. Then it moved to the left for about half a meter before the string fell off from the paper card, and the banner completely settled down on the electric wire. I looked closely and found that the banner was completely secured on the electric wire.

Then I checked the bushes below the banner to find that a mouse had helped hang this banner by pulling the string! When I discovered that it was a mouse that did the work, my mind turned blank, and I did not know what to make of this. After the mouse helped hang up the banner, it took both my string and the screw. In hindsight, the credit did belong to the mouse; all I did was some preparation work. Although the string and screw were gone, I had a spare pair of screws and fine string for the remaining banners.

Yesterday, I hung five banners altogether. Everything went smoothly, especially when I had that mouse to help hang the one banner. How marvelous and bizarre!

This morning I went back to the alley to check on the banner that the mouse and I had hung last night. It happened that several people were coming out of the alley when I went there. One woman said loudly, "Who hung this 'Falun Dafa Is Good' banner? How did it get up there? This is a perfect spot for a banner. It is impossible to take it down, and everybody has to pass by this place and will see it!" We smiled at each other. She admired the banner for while and then left. After a while, many more people came to read the banner. After I had walked far away, I could still hear some elderly women saying loudly, "Who hung up this banner?" "How did they manage to hang the 'Falun Dafa Is Good' banner up there?"

At that moment I had deep appreciation for my fellow practitioners' wisdom. They have thought of such a wonderful method to hang banners on the street. This method enables us to hang up banners on very high electrical wires. I was also very happy to know that these banners were effective tools for Fa-rectification.

Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone would believe my story if I told them that a mouse had hung up this banner.

I feel this was a very interesting story, so I wrote this article to share my experience. I also would like to tell everybody that it was a privilege to help with Fa-rectification. Many lives want to participate in Fa-rectification, but they are not granted the opportunity. We must cherish our opportunities and do well in the final stage of Fa-rectification.

[1] http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2002/8/1/34149.html. There is no translation for the referenced article at Clearwisdom.net. Please see Minghui for the banner-hanging illustrations.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/9/29/18718.html

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