A Cultivation Story From My Eight-Year-Old Niece

A Practitioner from Mainland C

PureInsight | November 18, 2002

My niece is eight years old this year. Although she is young, she often says surprisingly wise things that are well beyond her years. I believe that she has a deep predestined relationship with Dafa. Her inborn quality and enlightenment quality are both very good. However, her family environment is unfavorable for her cultivation. Her parents do not understand cultivation things and do not allow her to cultivate Dafa. She often came to my house and I told her some things about Dafa cultivation.

Once, when she came to my home, I was reading Zhuan Falun. She asked me curiously, "Auntie, is this the book that teaches you how to be a good person as you told me?" I passed the book to her for a look. She seriously said to me: "Auntie, I also want to cultivate Buddha, but I just do not know how to cultivate. How wonderful it is to cultivate!" As I saw that she had wisdom and inborn quality for cultivation, I told her, "To cultivate, you should behave according to the principle of 'Truthfulness Benevolence Forbearance' taught by Master to become a good person and a better person, finally attain the righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism, and always consider others first." After hearing this, my niece thought about it and then said excitedly, "Auntie, I realized five points." She counted with her fingers and told me, "First, if you do not cultivate Buddha, what have you come to the world for? Second, if you do not cultivate Buddha, your life is meaningless. Third, you can only succeed by persevering to the end…." She was speaking very fast and I only caught the first three points. I asked her to repeat them, but she said she forgot already. I knew that it was Master's hint with her words.

I also taught her to do the sitting mediation. She learned quickly and took it very seriously. After meditating, she told me happily, "Auntie, I saw Master. There was a round and shining thing next to Master. It was glowing. There were also two pretty twin girls next to Master. Master pointed to me and said, 'this is your first time practicing. You should practice hard so that you can cultivate to become a Buddha like them.'" My niece also said, "When Master was speaking to me, his lips did not move at all. The words just came to my ears."

My niece likes to come to my home and play with me. She was jealous of my cultivation environment. Every time she came, I tried to tell her more about cultivation. Since we are in the Fa-rectification period, Master asked us to do three things well. Therefore I thought I should guide her in doing these three things. Once, when she came to my home, I taught her to send forth righteous thoughts. I said a verse, and she followed me. When we finished, she said that she did not know why tears came down as she was sending forth righteous thoughts. In addition I encouraged her to clarify the truth of Dafa with her classmates to save people in the world. She said her classmates were very good and they all knew Falun Dafa is good. Since her parents allowed her neither to practice nor to read Dafa books, I gave her a mini copy of Hongyin for her to recite. I asked her to recite one poem every day. Some time later, she came to my home. I thought children might be lazy in studying the Fa. I asked her casually, "How well have you recited Hongyin?" To my surprise, she recited quite a few poems quickly. She told me that at night when her parents went to sleep, she covered herself up in her quilt and recited poems. Every time when she recited poems, she had wonderful feelings. It seemed that there was a vast space behind the words of the poems. Every time she recited the poems she shed tears. She also told me that she had been afraid of sleeping by herself. She had felt there was somebody in front of her. Ever since she learned to send forth righteous thoughts, as soon as she read silently the verses, that person was gone. She was not afraid any more.

Sometimes, my little niece helplessly told me, "Auntie, I am jealous of your cultivation environment. My dad and mom do not allow me to cultivate Dafa. Sometimes I am so anxious at not being able to cultivate. I am so desperate." She almost cried. I encouraged her, "Do not worry. Let us send forth righteous thoughts together to clear away the evil elements in other spaces which disturb you learning Dafa. This will also save your parents. We should firmly believe that the righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners are powerful. Everything will be fine!" When she heard that, my niece smiled happily.

(The article was written based on the narration of a fellow practitioner)

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/10/28/18970.html

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