I Have Witnessed the Truth in Zhuan Falun

Xu Meina in North America

PureInsight | November 11, 2002

I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for more than 4 years. I read Zhuan Falun for the first time back in 1997, and I felt that it was a good book although I did not have a thorough understanding of its content. However, my family reacted very strongly as soon as I decided to practice Falun Gong. My father, mother and boyfriend were all very much opposed to my practicing Falun Gong. Even a friend who worked in a publishing company and had not contacted me for a long time unexpectedly dropped by my house for a visit and seemed very opposed to the idea. My friend explained to me that one of his friends had printed 20,000 copies of Zhuan Falun because it was in high demand in the market at that time. But all 20,000 copies of Zhuan Falun ended up being secretly confiscated by the police. Based on his friend's experience, he had developed a theory that the government would soon begin cracking down on Falun Gong, and he advised me not to practice for my own safety. My mother was in poor health and also pleaded with me not to practice Falun Gong. On top of all of this, my father and boyfriend tried their best to persuade me not to practice Falun Gong. I did not have a clear and deep understanding of the Fa at the time, so I gave up the idea of practicing Falun Gong to put an end to all the nagging and pressure from my family and friends.

Then I got married. My husband left to study in the U.S., but I had to wait for more than a year to get a visa and join him. During the time while I was waiting for my visa, I had many marvelous and strange experiences, which verified the truth in Zhuan Falun over and over again.

I had enjoyed visiting Buddhist temples, Taoist temples and churches since I was little. I was very attracted to books that guided people toward kindness such as the Buddhist scriptures and the Bible. One morning I went to meet a friend at a small temple in Beijing district of Dongzhimen, and she didn't show up on time. I decided to wait for her while walking around by myself in the corridors where the censers, Buddhist scriptures and beaded prayer bracelets were on sale. I noticed a young nun selling these items at a stand. There were quite a few people waiting to be served, but she immediately noticed me and gave me the beaded prayer bracelet on her wrist. I accepted the gift gracefully with a smile and immediately put it on, completely forgetting to say, "Thank you." Then I continued to walk around the temple to see if my friend had arrived yet. The nun and I ran into each other again. This time she produced some Buddhist scriptures for me to take home and read. My friend did not show up until an hour later.

After that I began to visit the temple from time to time. That nun continued to treat me extremely well. She bought various Korean picked vegetables to treat me from her humble monthly income of 30 Chinese Yuan each time I visited the temple. And she always saved some delicious fruits from the altar for me. Soon I became friends with other nuns in the temple and they all treated me very nicely. However, I found there were often personal conflicts between the nuns. The old nuns bullied and abused the young ones both physically and mentally, and they also gossiped and criticized each other. There were many Buddhist disciples in the temple that cultivated as apprentices of the and who helped with the cooking and washing. Some of them even followed their teachers in speaking ill of others and promoting disputes. These phenomena reminded me of a passage in Zhuan Falun, "They also have personal conflicts. Now is the Dharma-ending Period. It cannot be denied that this phenomenon exists. We are not criticizing Buddhism here. Some of the temples are just not peaceful in the Dharma-ending Period." (From "Consecration" in Lecture Five of Zhuan Falun.)

It was very difficult to get my visa at that time. One time, I happened to meet a friend with supernormal abilities who cultivated in Taoism and whose celestial eye was open. His favorite pastime was fortune-tellingsaid the there was a rumor that he was very accurate. Because my visa application had been rejected twice already, out of desperation I asked for his help . He told me to re-apply for the visa on a certain day, so I followed his advice and succeeded in getting my visa. Soon I discovered that he constantly focused on making money, and he even admitted once that he was willing to tell fortunes for gangsters if they would give him enough money. Once he declared that "If a person is not after self-interest, heaven and earth will kill him" was his motto. It made me recall a passage in Zhuan Falun, "Because human moral values have changed, some people seek nothing but self-interest and will do anything for money. "If a person is not after self-interest, heaven and earth will kill him"—this has already become a motto!" (From "Upgrading Xinxing" in Chapter Four of Zhuan Falun.)

I also got to know a little of "XX Cultivation School" under the influence of a friend. My friend's whole family was cultivating in "XX Cultivation School" with such piety that they almost dissipated all of their savings. My friend's family was not well off, but they would spend 10,000 Chinese Yuan for a special ring from the "XX Cultivation School," and would spend two to three thousand Chinese Yuan for a copy of the reproduction of a painting from the "XX Cultivation School." In contrast, learning Falun Gong does not cost you anything. The exercise lessons are free of charge, and you are free to leave anytime. You may choose to get a hard copy of Zhuan Falun if you wish, and that's it. Teacher Li mentioned clearly in Zhuan Falun, "But there is one point to be made. Now, times have changed. We do not practice the ritual of kowtowing or bowing. That kind of formality serves little use, and it performs like a religion. We do not practice it. What's the use of your kowtowing and worshipping Teacher if once you step out the door, you still continue to conduct yourself as usual and do whatever you want, competing and fighting for your fame and self-interest among everyday people? You may also damage the reputation of Falun Dafa under my banner!" (From "I Treat All Practitioners as My Disciples" in Lecture Three of Zhuan Falun.)

"True cultivation practice depends fully upon your heart. As long as you practice cultivation and are sure-footed and determined in practicing cultivation, we will treat you as disciples. It is unfeasible for me not to treat you this way. " (From "I Treat All Practitioners as My Disciples" in Lecture Three of Zhuan Falun.)

Before going abroad for study, many people would have their wisdom teeth removed. A wisdom tooth is the third molar that is the last tooth to erupt on each side of the upper and lower jaws, and does not always grow nicely. Wisdom teeth often occupy extra space, causing damage to adjacent teeth. In order to avoid potential trouble, I also went to the dentist to remove two of my three wisdom teeth. My teeth are victims of doxycycline, and are not orderly and are very small. I was in agony when I had the first one removed. Because only a small tip of the tooth was visible, the dentist had to inject some anesthetic into the gum before he could cut open the gum and remove the tooth. Several times, the dentist lost the grip because it was very difficult to get hold of the tooth. Finally the tooth was removed, but then he had to put in stitches to seal the wound. The next day, one of my cheeks was swollen and I could not eat anything. One week later, I had to go back to the hospital to have the stitches removed. The removal of my second wisdom tooth was just as painful. Although I bravely had the second wisdom tooth removed, I lost the courage to repeat the torture a third time. A friend of mine referred me to a famous Qigong master from Sichuan. Because I did not know much about him, I did not trust him enough to have him remove the tooth after I arrived at his clinic. He noticed my hesitation and loaned me a copy of his tooth removal demonstration videotape. It was not until I watched the videotape at home that I realized that he truly knew a thing or two about painless tooth removal. The videotape was a live demonstration in Beijing of his supernormal ability where he removed the teeth of many famous people.

After having seen so many celebrities trusting him for tooth removal, I developed confidence in this Qigong master. Hence, I went back to his place for tooth removal. He stood one meter away from me, and sent out some Gong. Next, he approached me, and patted on my shoulder. Then, he asked me to lower my head, and open my mouth. The little wisdom tooth of mine magically fell off from the gum. I felt no pain at all, and I wasn't bleeding. There was a tiny bloodstrain at the bottom of my gum, but that was all. I could eat and bite as usual. In Zhuan Falun, Teacher compared the differences between hospital treatment and Qigong treatment. I could now relate to it through my personal experience. In Zhuan Falun, Teacher mentioned a man advertising his services on the street with a live demonstration where he removed people's teeth with a yellow liquid drug. He was able to push a bad tooth out with a matchstick and the patient felt no pain. The tooth had only a small bloodstain. Had I not experienced it personally, I might not have believed the story.

As I learned more about this Qigong master, I felt that he really had some supernormal abilities, but his mind was not righteous. He treated me very kindly and even offered to teach me how to remove people's teeth, offering to buy the equipment for me. I knew that I could not possibly learn a technique like this in a short period of time. I also knew that it was his supernormal ability, not the equipment, that removed the teeth. If I needed equipment to remove people's teeth, I might as well go to medical school. His wife, who lived far away in Sichuan, also had some kind of supernormal abilities. Once, she came to Beijing for a visit. During a chat with her, she confided in me that she knew her husband had a mistress in Beijing. This Qigong master knew that I was going to America, and he wanted to teach me some tricks so I could scam money from Americans. He assured me that I could make an easy profit with these tricks. Although I had never practiced any Qigong before, I did not think Qigong was about deception and I would not do anything to deceive people. I vaguely remembered Teacher's words, "In the past few years, many grand qigong masters, including the well-known ones, have fallen to become nobody. Of course, those genuine qigong masters have already left upon accomplishing their missions in history. Only some are left behind and become lost among everyday people, being still active with a lowered xinxing level. These people have already lost their gong." (From "Upgrading Xinxing" in Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun.)

Before leaving for America, once a week I would go to the Beijing Dong Zhimen School to study traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, massage, ear stitching, and foot massage. In the massage class, one classmate offered to teach me how to give massages. I gave him a diplomatic answer, thinking to myself, "Why would I want to learn massaging from a fellow student like him?" One day, he seriously told me on the way home, "Do you know how many more days are left before you leave for America? Twenty-eight days. Why don't you come to learn massaging from me?" I was startled by his seriousness and sincerity, and then I finally decided to learn massaging from him. It turned out that he won the third price in a Beijing Massaging Competition. He knew all kinds of massaging methods. He even marketed his own massage instruction videotapes, and had also taught many classes. When I asked him why he wanted to teach me for free, he explained that he believed in Buddhism, and that he saw peace in my eyes, suggesting a very good predestined relationship with him. He gave me intensified lessons for ten days. When I first came to America, my American roommate had a chronic nasal problem. Seeing her suffer miserably from a runny nose, I decided that I had to give her a head massage. Very soon she was no longer congested nor had a runny nose. Instead, I immediately began to have a runny nose. Another time when my husband became nauseated in the subway, and had a headache, I massaged his head for him. Very soon, his headache stopped, but I had a headache for two days. From then on, I no longer gave anyone a massage. This reminded me of a passage in Zhuan Falun, "Some people with good inborn quality exchange their inborn quality with others for karma. That person is ill and has a lot of karma. If you heal a patient who has a serious illness, after the treatment you will feel very uncomfortable at home. In the past, many people felt this way after seeing a patient: The patient is recovering, but you are very ill at home." (From "The Issue of Pursuit" in Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun.)

All these experiences happened in the short period of one year. They went by quickly like movie scenes. Whenever something happened to me, the relevant passages in Zhuan Falun would appear in my mind. Although I had only read Zhuan Falun once at the time, the content of the book had somehow been branded into my memory. Because of these mysterious experiences, I no longer hesitated and started cultivation in Falun Dafa. My serious gastric ulcer disappeared. My body now feels relieved to be without any disease.

Here I would like to share with all kind-hearted people my personal experiences, hoping that you treasure this opportunity that comes only once in a million years. Falun Dafa is for real. It is the genuine Fa of supreme moral standards!

(For fellow practitioners: I had decided not to share these experiences with anyone. However, some fellow practitioners reminded me of sharing these experiences with new practitioners, and some predestined people who have not made up their mind about cultivating Falun Dafa. I would also like to share these personal experiences with fellow practitioners in China who are devoted to clarifying truth to Chinese people. When we encounter some obstacles in truth clarification work, perhaps we should remember to learn from our Teacher's compassion, and not leave out any predestined people.)

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/10/6/18797.html

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