The Hunt for Close Proximity

Xin Jian

PureInsight | November 18, 2002

I knew there would be a giant battle in the universe, and I cautioned myself to keep a clear mind, rational and righteous, in order to prevent any interference from my human side. Thanks to my persistent efforts at sending righteous thoughts for the past one and a half years in front of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, where I have endured the scorching sun, earth-shaking thunderstorms and the piercing cold winds, I have built a very good foundation for the important mission of today. Like the wise man said, "I have been maintaining an army for a thousand days to use it at the precise moment when I need it most."

On the evening of October 22, after I had studied the Fa, I could not fall asleep. I felt a tightening sensation on my scalp. I felt the energy surging, racing out of my body. My mind became blank. Perhaps my supernormal abilities were ready for the battle, and I became too eager to rest. I did not go to sleep until 2:00 o'clock in the morning, but I woke up at 5:00 o'clock. As soon as I woke up, I hurried to study the Fa, and send righteous thoughts.

Early in the morning of October 23, I rushed to meet two fellow practitioners in front of the Shelton Hotel, next to the Inter-Continental Hotel, where the evil tyrant would stay. The sky was gloomy and the sidewalks were thick with mud, for it had been raining continuously. We quickly settled the issues we needed to take care of and hurried to meet other practitioners at a spot nearest to the Inter-Continental Hotel. We were notified by phone that the private plane carrying Jiang Zemin had landed at the Arlington Airport. After we had waited for more than an hour in front of the Inter-Continental Hotel, a fellow practitioner suddenly declared that Jiang's motorcade would probably avoid entering the hotel from the main entrance. I immediately decided to have a look at the back of the hotel. I walked through the buildings, with policemen clustering all around. I smiled and greeted these policemen as I walked by and discovered that there were very few policemen at the back of the hotel. At that time a helicopter flew overhead, hovering over the Inter-Continental Hotel. My intuition told me it was a patrol helicopter. The three of us stood in the intersection, waiting for the longest time, but nothing happened. Then we heard something happening in front of the Inter-Continental Hotel, so we decided to go there immediately. Now, the policemen forbid us to walk to the front of the Inter-Continental Hotel because the area was on guard for Jiang's arrival. I noticed that there was a three-story parking garage next to the Inter-Continental Hotel, so I asked a policeman if we could at least enter the parking garage next to the hotel. The policeman inquired of his colleague in front of him. I was most certain I would hear "no" from his colleague, but, surprisingly, the policeman motioned us to the parking garage. Once I was in the parking garage, I remembered that this was the very garage adjacent to the Inter-Continental Hotel and that I had been here a few times. I ran directly to the roof of the three-story building to command a broader view. I saw policemen "crawling" all around the Inter-Continental Hotel, tightening security. In fact, the police officers kept all the people in the opposite building inside. I was glad we were in the parking garage because we had a perfect view of the main entrance of the Inter-Continental Hotel. We immediately began to send forth righteous thoughts. Almost immediately a motorcade passed by this parking garage right next to the Inter-Continental Hotel. I saw clearly that there were three white vans and other types of vehicles in the motorcade. The three of us immediately erected our palms, knowing that Jiang was now entering the hotel. Several minutes later, a group of FBI agents came to the roof of the parking garage and informed us politely, "Ladies, you may now leave the parking garage if you like." When we came downstairs, we were met by the motorcycle team that had just finished their duty of escorting the motorcade into the hotel.

In the afternoon, I decided to send forth righteous thoughts on the roof of the parking garage of the Sheraton Hotel. This parking garage directly faced the back of the Inter-Continental Hotel, so people would see us from every back window of the hotel. A virtual army of Dafa practitioners were all around the Inter-Continental Hotel, and the back of Inter-Continental Hotel was the only spot to be covered.

When the sky slowly cleared up, the yellow T-shirts on the three of us became particularly eye-catching. We kept on sending forth righteous thoughts, over and over again, toward the Inter-Continental Hotel right in front of us. We three felt wrapped up in a very strong energy field.

About an hour later, one fellow practitioner and I had to leave the parking garage for a minute to collect a fellow practitioner in front of the Sheraton Hotel, leaving only one practitioner in the parking garage continuing to send forth righteous thoughts.

As soon as we arrived at the front of the Sheraton Hotel, a helicopter suddenly appeared in the sky again, reminding us of our important mission. In a few seconds, the practitioner we were expecting appeared. We stood at the sidewalk in front of the Sheraton Hotel at that time. We saw many policemen and security guards suddenly begin to surround this area, and many hired 'welcoming groups' on the street stretching out their heads in anticipation. Then a motorcade appeared. I was struck with disbelief when the entire motorcade drove against the traffic toward the Inter-Continental Hotel. I immediately noticed three white vans, followed by a Lincoln town car with the emergency lights on, and an ambulance. I pointed at the Lincoln town car and called out, "This must be Jiang's car." When the motorcade passed by right in front of us, the three of us were sending forth righteous thoughts, with our palms erect in front of our chests. Two of us were in yellow T-shirts, and the other in a yellow jacket. The motorcade drove past, only one or two meters away. I knew that all of the people in the motorcade saw us.

Later on, the fellow practitioner who remained on the parking garage roof told us a story. Half an hour after we left the parking garage, a police car drove to the top of the parking garage and the officer was telling her that somebody in the Inter-Continental Hotel complained about her presence. The policeman looked at this tiny female practitioner, puzzled why such a peaceful sitting meditation could possibly frighten the man who made the complaint. This fellow practitioner then clarified the truth to him, and the policeman was very apologetic. That night, all of us who stayed at the Sheraton Hotel went to the roof of the parking garage and sent forth righteous thoughts there. Nobody came to bother us again. Perhaps it was Jiang himself who looked out from the back window of the presidential suite on the 23rd floor, and made the complaint when he saw the yellow T-shirts that he was most afraid of on the top of the parking garage. Surely he would not dare to look down from the front window, because practitioners were everywhere in front of the Inter-Continental Hotel.

On October 24, we drove to the Bush Library at Texas A&M University. I had been there twice before. Since we were now certain that Jiang would keep his schedule and go to the Bush Library, we left for A&M immediately. To prepare for today's battle, six practitioners had already started to clarify the truth broadly on campus, ahead of time. Two of my relatives who do not practice Falun Gong also helped us distribute truth-clarification materials on campus. On October 22, a relative called me and told me that inside every newspaper on campus there was a copy of truth-clarification materials about Falun Gong. In addition, there were several articles in the school newspaper, reporting positively on Falun Gong. The relative asked me to pick him up from his dormitory on October 24 because he had already requested to take the day off to join our peaceful appeal.

At around 8:20 a.m., I went up to the parking garage again, preparing to send forth righteous thoughts for a while before leaving for A&M. But a fellow practitioner reminded me not to expose that we were Falun Gong practitioners, or the personnel driving Jiang team's cars that parked right in front us and were ready to leave for A&M might notice us and obstruct us from traveling in the same direction. Upon hearing his advice, I got into our car immediately and decided to take off before them to be on the safe side. It turned out to be a very wise decision, because as soon as we left the parking garage, the police started to block all traffic. I drove swiftly through the traffic, heading for A&M. There were four of us in the car. We were on high alert while sending forth righteous thoughts. Although my hands were on the steering wheel, and my eyes were on the road in front of me, I remained so focused on sending forth righteous thoughts that I felt as if the top of my head was open. I chanted the Fa-rectification verses in silence with one additional thought: I asked my supernormal capability to please remain on the road behind me to directly pierce through the head evil's heart. At this moment, the helicopter was hovering over. Behind us, police cars, sirens blaring, were racing forward. I knew that these were signs that the head evil was right behind us. My righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger, surging out of my body to do their work. When we got on Highway 6, it started to rain cats and dogs. The sky became so utterly dark and gloomy that we could hardly see one meter in front of us, even with high beam lights on. Fortunately, I had "accidentally" encountered this kind of weather in my previous two trips to A&M, so the roads to A&M had become quite familiar to me. I kept on urging the fellow practitioners in the car to continue sending forth righteous thoughts, but the storm only got worse. In the end I could only see raindrops the size of lemons in front of us and practically nothing else. The only things that prevented me from driving into other lanes were the yellow lines dividing the traffic lanes. I remembered that I passed many cars during the trip. Right before we arrived at A&M, the storm went completely out of control and the raindrops attacked us crazily. The fellow practitioners in the car were attacked by sleepiness. I immediately turned on the stereo and played one of Master's lecture tapes. The very second when Master's bright voice came out of the speakers, the storm gave in suddenly and shrank. Everyone felt instantly refreshed. We had made plans to meet another car full of Dafa practitioners in front of the A&M student dormitory. We went through some trouble finding the dormitory, but we finally found the building and collected my relative as well as the other car full of practitioners. With his help, we quickly approached the protest area near the Bush Library.

There was already a long line of cars parked on the right side of the road, so I did not hesitate to move to the left side of the road. There was only one car parked in front of me. In front of that were the road blockades and a team of policemen. Apparently Jiang's team of cars was going to pass by the road blockades soon. "Get out of the car!" I said. The four of us jumped out of the car, and the other three practitioners in the car behind us followed. I jumped onto the center island on the left side of the road. Then I took off my blue jacket quickly to reveal the yellow T-shirt within. I stood tall on the high, central island. Two extended-size cars following the lead police motorcycles went past in front of me. Then I saw Jiang's car approaching, with a small flag on each side of the car. I pointed at Jiang's car with energy, and shouted, "Jiang Ghost! The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." My voice was so loud and clear that it surprised even me. The other six practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts. At that moment, I experienced for the first time what it felt like to be "as tall as the heavens and incomparably noble," and to have my "hands pointing to heaven and earth."

As soon as the motorcade passed, the police immediately removed the road blockades. When our cars slowly drove past by the Bush Library, I saw three white vans again. This time they were parked in front of the library. As I looked closely, a group of men in dark blue or black suits holding up umbrellas were escorting a fat man slowly into the lecture hall of the library. I immediately knew that it was Jiang on its way to the entrance. I rolled down the car window, and shouted, "Jiang Ghost! The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated!" I shouted the Fa-rectification verses three times, and shouted "Mie (Eliminate)!" Then, I shouted three times, "Falun Dafa is good!" The fellow practitioners inside the car rolled down the other windows and shouted the verses with me. Those ghosts were startled at that moment, looking at us as if they were frozen.

I did this at the triangular corner with buildings on both sides and a wall behind, making it perfect for echoes. The practitioners who were a half mile away in the protest area told me they could hear us clearly from there. They described our voice "filled with spirits as lofty as the rainbow spanning the sky." [Note: It is a Chinese expression that describes a noble and courageous aspiration.]

We decided that we should not all go to the protest area, or all of us would be kept there until this was all over. So we decided to park our cars and tried to get into the building right next to the Bush Library that belonged to the Political Science Department, albeit there might be policemen on each floor of the building. To our surprise, we went to the top floor of the building without any trouble. We saw from the windows that Jiang's cars were standing by at the back of the Bush Library. This meant that they were planning to crawl out of the library through its back door. We immediately called to ask more Dafa practitioners who were waiting for Jiang in the parking lot to come with their Falun Dafa banners. The policemen were OK with our presence in the parking lot because I had already made friends with them. Besides, the student that we picked up from the dormitory this morning clarified the truth about the persecution to them by the time other Dafa practitioners had arrived. In less than two hours, a team of police motorcycle officers came to stand by in front of the library. Then, about twenty minutes later. the motorcycle team took off, followed by the white vans in the parking lot. Next, a team of policemen on horseback marched toward us, asking us to stay in the protest area. Apparently the special agents in the parking lot saw the increasing number of Dafa practitioners and pressured the police to reinforce the security around the library. Fortunately, I discovered in time that I had begun to expect help from the police, a human notion that reduced the purity of my righteous thoughts, and left a loophole for the evil to exploit upon.

Despite the interference, the good news was Jiang's motorcade delayed its departure for about 40 minutes. Was this because of our presence in the parking lot? This gave us more time sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. While I was somewhat distracted by my own pursuit to distance, three fellow practitioners from my car had a closer encounter with Jiang's car than I did. They stayed put, in front of another building next to the library, sending forth righteous thoughts, but Jiang's cars should choose to drive past the building they were standing in front of. When Jiang's cars went past in front of them, the three of them were holding the banners in one hand, and the other erect in front of their chests for sending forth righteous thoughts. Every single person in the motorcade saw the banners.

Afterwards we drove directly to Crawford and studied the Fa there at night.

Jiang ghost was scheduled to visit Crawford on October 25, which would conclude its visit to the USA. I had been to Crawford tens of times so I was very familiar with the small town. The townspeople even showed us the area abutting President Bush's ranch. Apparently, the most critical mission on October 25 would be to send forth righteous thoughts. Somehow Jiang found a back door into Crawford, like a thief, because no one knew how he crept into the small town without being noticed. We only knew from a live TV report that he made it to the ranch. The five of us decided to find a spot close to the ranch and send forth righteous thoughts there. It must have been the help from heaven when we found an obscure road off highway 317. It was a winding trail, but it led to a spot only a mile behind President Bush's ranch. Although we found police officers already standing there, preventing anyone from going any nearer to President Bush's ranch, we were free to stay there as long as we did not try crossing the security line. The five of us sent forth righteous thoughts there for the longest time. Then we went near a bridge for a change and sent forth righteous thoughts there. We were enveloped with serenity near the ranch. The White House security officers went past us, greeting us friendly. No one bothered us at all so we were able to send forth righteous thoughts in peace. In the mid-afternoon we hurried to the airport to see Jiang ghost off. But its plane was beginning to take off when we got there. So we drove past the two rows of police blockades and a hired 'welcoming group', to a spot nearest to the airplane runway. The police waved at us, smiling. They did not try to stop us at all.

I have developed a fresh understanding on many things in this Fa-rectification trip. For instance, I have learned that standing in close proximity to Jiang was more than for sending forth righteous thoughts. Our sheer presence in close proximity would be the head tyrant's worst nightmare. While our Gong sent from a close proximity would hit the evil forces harder in another dimension, our physical presence in close proximity was a manifestation of Fa-rectification in the human dimension. Now I remember that two months ago I dreamed twice of shouting to Jiang ghost, "Falun Dafa is good!" "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated!" I wish I could have shouted to Jiang, "Jiang ghost! Enter the gate of no-life!"

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