What If?

A Seattle Practitioner

PureInsight | November 18, 2002

What if Master should unexpectedly announce,
"Tomorrow you will be taken up on a rainbow. Your life on earth is over!"

How would you react? Would you be shocked?

What thoughts would race through your mind? Would you be sad, perhaps, for having to leave your family and friends behind? Would you be just a little bit afraid? Would you experience a sense of apprehension, wondering whether or not you had done everything you were meant to accomplish during cultivation? What did you neglect to do? Would you quick tally your deeds, examine yourself if you did not neglect to do the things that really matter? Had you really lived according to the profound teachings in Zhuan Falun?

Will you be excited and full of joy, even notice a sense of expectation at the prospect of moving up and moving on?

Can you afford not to be ready when the call comes?

Responding to these questions myself I discovered the best way to be ready is to follow Master's teachings to the letter, in the following sequence that he emphasizes: study the Fa well; explain the truth to people and send virtuous thoughts into the universe to erase those forces that attempt to interfere with the grand plan.

Yes, I would be excited and not a bit scared or sad, having to leave everything temporal behind – family, friends, possessions – because there are better things awaiting. The way I see it, I am here "on loan" anyway. My job is to improve my innermost nature, to be worthy of return to the place of my origin. Diligence and Master's help will make that possible.

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