Resonance with the Article: "Break Away From the Arrangements of the Old Forces"

Nian Chun

PureInsight | November 25, 2002

I felt a resonance with the author after reading the article "Break Away From the Arrangements of the Old Forces" ( Whenever I am able to be calm and peaceful within myself, I feel the power of Dafa coming through. When I am in haste, annoyed or worried, it hurts others and myself and, at the same time, makes me feel shameful and insignificant. At such times, I feel that I cannot face Teacher.

Whenever we argue, it's because we feel that we are right. The argument itself is an arrangement by the old forces. The words and actions from these arguments derive from un-rectified beings. Rectified beings are pure. The old forces instilled impure elements into us before we came here. Now it's time for us to eliminate these old relationships arranged by the old forces. People talk about predestined relationships all the time. To us practitioners, the predestined relationship with Teacher is our biggest and strongest predestined relationship. While other so-called predestined relationships with other beings are merely the processes of repaying and collecting debts accumulated in one lifetime after another, our predestined relationship with Teacher is the real pre-destiny.

I remember one morning when I first opened my eyes and saw the photo of Teacher, I heard the word "Father!" coming through infinite dimensions within my heart. I felt my whole being illuminated in light. Yes, I then thought how I've been cultivating for seven years, and it is only now that I realized that I only have pre-destiny with Teacher and my relationships with others are really not predestined. Following that realization, I felt all the debts and sentiments I have accumulated with other people vanish. I saw a new me. I became calm, forgiving and peaceful. Also, I could often see the manifestation of Dafa within me. I could see compassion and magnificence in this new me. Often I couldn't help but Heshi and chant in praise: "The Father travels with the son, the son follows where the Father takes him."

To break through the old forces you must break through yourself. To break through yourself, you must genuinely dissolve your thoughts and actions into the Fa. Only then will everything beautiful belong to you and the beings in your heavenly paradise. Otherwise, those un-rectified beings will be cast into hell.

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