A Description of Diligence

PureInsight | December 12, 2005


Far and wide, no beginning or end,

A plane of immense proportions,

Envelopes all luminescence,

From here, to there and everywhere,

A mystical existence clears the air,

Where benevolence is fare,

Compassion encompasses the heart,

Truth is a necessity,

Pure thoughts are boundless,

Where neither chains nor torture,

Will take a soul from eternity,

Righteous thoughts remove all evil,

To be replaced by pure moral,

Blackened rocks are be blasted away,

Interference will never succeed,

A pure white existence will be,

The white replaces black,

Righteous hearts transcend all eternity,

The galaxies speak in harmony,

Propagating Zhen Shan Ren,

The demise of all evil is near,

Virtue is so very dear.

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