A Canadian Falun Dafa Practiti

PureInsight | January 30, 2006


A new day has dawned;
light crests the horizon.
Its brilliance stirring an awakening on the earth
As the mist rises from earth's cool embrace
softening the dazzling golds to a familiar blue hue.

Hearken to the song in your heart sing to the glory of life's bounty,
and join the chorus in exuberant praise.

Honor the giver by celebrating the gift of life.
Be in the moment, for the moment, and of the moment.

With a breath of awe unspoken delight
for the place (I) found within and all the wonders that surround.

Cherishing all that you are, and what you can be;
still, as one particle witnessing the whole.
Unfolding like a lotus flower embraced in water,
opening to the light sharing splendor.

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