Blood Red No More and A Madman's End

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | February 13, 2006


Blood Red No More

Blood red smiles

hiding blood red lies

blood red flags

unfurled to blood red skies.

Blood red death

behind blood red walls

blood red wounds

where blood red falls.

Blood red terror behind closed doors

come awaken to the truth one and all.

Blood red "Party"

poisoning blood red minds

blood red fears

breeding blood red designs.

Blood red fields

across blood red years

blood red facades

masking blood red tears.

Blood red ways collapsing as never before

until China stained blood red no more!

A Madman’s End  (for Jiang Zemin)

Power, propaganda,

inside China’s darkest hour

many fields turned red

from bloodstained hands.

Such waves of fear

from a harvest of tears

yet a new dawn rising

upon a madman’s end.

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