Connections to the Cosmos and Other Poetic Reflections

A Canadian Practitioner

PureInsight | February 13, 2006


Connections to the Cosmos


Through our connections to the cosmos we are



 The reflections of our connectedness can be seen rippling through us and around us;

 casting shadows with some semblance of meaning to that which is outside of our


 but inside of our allowance.

 Revealing there is meaning, reason and order to everything.


Our Way Home


 In striving,

giving and enriching all,

we show our true worth,

 our potential.

 In this we are lighting our way home.



Every experience and challenge is like a petal unfolding,

laying a beautiful base for the unveiling of the next,

together revealing its splendor as

 it joins the chorus

of life.

Building the Slightest Light to Brilliance

There are endless worlds in all of us.

Our thoughts can ripple through these worlds,

manifesting this and that, virtue and vice .

So go gently,

think of others first,

be still like a diamond.

Simply put just


A free and easy spirit unmoved, like diamond,

building the slightest light to brilliance,

illuminating our true essence.

Zhen ,Shan, Ren.

Let your conscience challenge you.

A pure heart knows no bounds.

Return home, step well, what awaits

 is most splendid !

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