Guideth My Hand

Court Reinland

PureInsight | January 9, 2006


Great is this path,
This path that thee've taught
But narrow's the way -
And straight is the gate that we walk

If ever shall find,
A stone is misplaced
And if even a fancy,
My mind it shall chase

Then I ask thee rebuke me,
And firmly chastise,
For more so should I want that my soul be set free,
Than to taste frail musings, and for fool's gold to see

But even though I,
Know the path I should walk
In a time I do stumble,
Each false step I make - there a stumbling block

But thou speaketh not falsely,
And thy guidance is true
And lest I begrudged in the past,
That which I ever must do -
Let me speak now,
These few words to you

"If by night I do tremble,
Or by day can nay stand,
Lest I fall away - Master I pray -
Master guideth my hand."

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