A Grand Chinese New Year Show

Evan Mantyk

PureInsight | January 16, 2006

Oh Chinese culture, so wise and so old!
Now choked in Communist dictators' hold.
Great dynasties, great stories came and went,
Now people forget what old proverbs meant.
Wise dragons, kind warriors, spiritual quests,
Now stories have them, but they've lost what's best,
Great virtue! Truth, Compassion, Tolerance,
Now gone is people's most basic good sense.

For years, in my mind, such tragic thoughts churned,
Then, one day, my hope for China returned.
I went to a grand Chinese New Year show,
Free of Communism's clutch, it seemed to glow.
Transported on stage, to another world
Of dragons, swords, and beauties, I was hurled.
A place of vast kingdoms and great heroes,
Where China's semi-divine culture shows.

East or West, no show has such majesty,
This, I thought, is the new Tang Dynasty.

(Written for New Tang Dynasty's Chinese New Year Gala, see www.gala.ntdtv.com for more info. Poem written on January 10, 2006)

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