Google, What Have You Done?

Evan Mantyk

PureInsight | January 30, 2006

Good friend, in the past, my heart you had won,
Now greed blinds you, Google, what have you done?
For quick and easy searches you did rule,
And made good money from a clever tool,
Now you sell your soul to Communist thugs,
Who sweep dead bodies under a red rug,
They trample the freedom that you enjoy,
They destroy people that you would employ.

I'm reminded of Lancelot, brave knight,
By the great King Arthur's side he did fight,
Then with lust he betrayed all Camelot,
And that awesome kingdom began to rot.
So shall your great Google crumble to dust,
If greed and self-interest you just trust
Above freedom and virtue—such plain sin!
Fleeting is such success—an empty win.

Yet, Lancelot returned to Arthur's side,
Google, do the same, before you have died.

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