Lost at Sea

Court Reinland

PureInsight | January 30, 2006


Ten fortunes set sail with a young captain at sea,
With six pence and a promise
That the journey, though hard,
Would set all its men free

But if only of fate had they knew,
Contrary what was said,
Just the opposite was true

Sailing far from the Tao,
The sea found them sifted
And when night blotted the skies,
The skipper he found, that the boat, it had drifted

"My God!" cried the crewmen,
Our chance we have missed it
And on the sea shall we drift,
Over the next ten thousand years
Before out shall we walk,
Of this long veil of tears

But in a moment of pause, the captain admitted,
"The fault is all mine,
I should have never weighed anchor,
With a ship Communist in design."

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