On Thinking of Others First

Court Reinland

PureInsight | March 12, 2006


Foolish is the man thinking to himself,

That he alone has all he needs

And repays not the favored kindness,

Nor another's grace does heed

Poor is such a one truly,

For he indeed lacks more than he knows

For in his place a pale shadow only,

Where once a blooming flower there did grow

And for many a time in which have I,

Been laid low for all to see

Yet at that time was ever thankful,

When the outstretched arm set I, from all but weeping, free

But dear lonely friend,

Alone I shall not leave thee

Where whence alone,

Treacherous ones - they can deceive thee

Nay I shall lend my hand,

That you might stand

And not in such dark blackness dwell

I think my friend, you will do well -

This I see

And I for my part -

I shall help thee

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