Cultivating in the Workplace

Elisabeth Reynolds

PureInsight | April 2, 2006


Number crunching, mind numbing, machine-like and re-retyping,

Thick stacks of paper brush already parched skin

Edges graze thin lines of blood on my knuckle

Deep down, a soul aches

Tea upon tea, anything to change the pace

How many dollars and how many minutes

Looking back, hours will melt into a good experience

Deep down, the soul aches

Human thoughts spin in downward spiral

Clinging to memories of happier times

There is more than this to life

The cultivating heart stirs

Remembering Fa-principles:

paying off karma, uncovering predestined relationships

Mind and heart elevate slowly

Falun rotates

One day looking back,

these tired footsteps in the human realm will evaporate into a dream

The pain behind the eyes dissipates

the heavy heart lightens

With the Fa in one's heart, what can't be overcome?

With Teacher leading the way, cherish each arduous step

Millions of years, zhu yuanshen waiting

Cultivating Dafa in the human realm is most precious.

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