To the Players on the Stage: Reflections after Watching "Dae Jang Geum"

Wang Yifeng

PureInsight | May 30, 2006


A faint fragrance and solitary lady

Lonesome faint scent permeates everywhere

Scent leads to enchantment.                 

From the dusty mortal world          

The role you play is incredible
Like pear flowers on a tree             

Blooming in the spring            

Exuberant and full of vitality,    

Every petal shining morning's diamond dew

Cacophony from the dusty mortal world    

Makes it just like a noisy play.        

Life journey a mere play,        

True life a teardrop from        

The petal of a flower in Heaven

In the cool of a summer's night    

When Starlight extinguished,    

The flowers go dim,    

Spirit of teardrops wounded.        

You, beautiful lady,

A flower blooming in the dusty mortal world

Amongst the ruins of an ancient land,

A thousand-year-old fragment of a dream

Lives again under the will of Heaven.

Let People's hearts fly

Though time rusts everything

And only an elegant far memory remains

You, amazingly, awaken it again.

Inspiration as graceful poetry.

Warmth as soft wind.

Nations of people from the East

Drunk with admiration for this beautiful spirit.

Lonely lady!

People are intoxicated with you

Smile never tainted with even a speck of dust.

But Gold drags down

Your hovering wings,

Pushing you into an

Exhausting and dangerous trip.

Life's journey like a dream;

Beautiful face like a spring flower.

Be a daughter of wisdom!

Let your enlightening smile

Lead to a magical fate,

So your life blooms forever

The galaxy follows its course,

Time doing the will of the Divine.

A kind lady!

Heart brimming with sincerity.

The Creator has made of you,

The gods have conferred upon you

A role permeated with meaning.

Down the long lane of your life

The Goddess of Fate comes

Her ankle ornament echoing at midnight

Do you sense

Her knocking at your door?

The return of the King,

Searching for that fallen teardrop from Heaven

As the pear flowers poured tears

Like raindrops last night.

Udumbara, in bloom every three thousand years,

Has now blossomed in your homeland.

Go knock at

Heaven's mighty gate.

Life will find its true destiny,

The chance that only comes once in

a thousand lifetimes,

Now right here in front of you.

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