A Call for Justice

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | January 21, 2007


A Call

A call to end injustice

to expose the vicious crimes

a call to awaken the world

where hearts still all too blind.

A call for precious truth

for innocent lives now lost

a call against a brutal regime

and its 'means to an end' at any cost.

A call to find our conscience

for China's right to be free

a call to brighter days ahead

from stormy to calmer seas.

A call to end injustice

many millions of voices denied

a call to break the silence

where hearts no longer blind.

When Justice Is Won

If the walls could whisper

the silence murmur

faces hide from the lies no more.

When the truth calls loud

hearts rise from the crowd

and conscience comes to the fore.

If the skies could clear

the world turn to hear

and condemn the 'party's' crimes.

When justice is won

and the day is done

let freedom prevail to the ends of time!

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