A Call to Dawn

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | February 5, 2007


A Call

A call to end injustice

to expose the vicious crimes

a call to awaken the world

where hearts still all too blind.

A call for precious truth

for innocent lives now lost

a call against a brutal regime

and its 'means to an end' at any cost.

A call to find our conscience

for China's right to be free

a call to brighter days ahead

from stormy to calmer seas.

A call to end injustice

many millions of voices denied

a call to break the silence

where hearts no longer blind.

Coming of Dawn

Light in the distance

a whisper upon the wind

with the writing upon the wall

a world closer to making amends.

Shores to new horizons

restless to billowed sail

truth sounding loud the call

brightest skies never again to pale.

A coming of dawn

this turning of tides

a promise now coming to pass

hearts awakening forever wide.

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