Call for Awakening

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | March 18, 2007


Under China's Darkest Skies

I can't close my heart

I can't turn a blind eye

from a brutal persecution

under China's darkest skies.

Too many tears have fallen

too many precious lives betrayed

as the world watches in silence

while injustice finds another day.

I can't forsake my conscience

I can't condone the lies

such crimes against humanity

under China's darkest skies.

China (Come Awaken)

China, a sleeping giant

restless in its eleventh hour

a ‘party's' plague and poison

turning fruits once sweet to sour.

China, a falling tower

casting shadows under grey of sky

a reign where no rhyme nor reason

hearts ever colder by the world it defies.

China, a tiger untamed

should freedom of word beware

a predator's pride and prey

finding no life beyond its lair.

China, a land be trodden

stumbling with no rule of law

a truth told in tragedy

China, come awaken from behind your walls!

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