An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | February 25, 2007


The Timeless Path

Where mountains rise

and rivers run

where oceans fathom deep.

However dark the skies

and horizons stretch

however the climb steep.

Where tempests rage

and strongest winds blow

where our journey finds its hearth.

However the world's stage

and its rise and fall

we walk the timeless path.

Many a Voyage

Many a lifetime

many a season

a voyage across

distant shores.

Many a revelation

many a realm

with even greater

horizons to explore.

Many a mountain

many a path

a journey beyond

the brightest sun.

Many a trial

many a tear

until home and the

heart are one.

Many a calling

many a sail

a voyage come

millions and more.

Many a tempest

many a tide

let our world behold

the "Great Buddha Law."

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