Day after Day, Tide after Tide

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | April 22, 2007


Day after Day

Day after day

hour after hour

fearless, come life or death

night after night

moments into years

neither fallen nor faint of breath.

Lie after lie

crime after crime

endless, the 'party's' shame

heart after heart

tides beyond tempest

weaving truth with light aflame.

(Dedicated to the many innocent Falun
Gong practitioners in China who are imprisoned, brutally tortured and
even murdered for their peaceful belief in "Truthfulness,

Compassion and Tolerance")

Tide after Tide

Tide after tide

seas fall to rise again

cloud after cloud gathering

until light of greater horizons.

Storm after storm

skies grey to shine beyond

world after world transforming

from strident to a stillest pond.

Life after life

hearts wilt to bloom anew

tide after tide beckoning

until light with gold imbued.

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