Reflections on "Thoughts on Fellow Practitioners' Helping Each Other"

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 26, 2007

I was in tears when I finished reading this article. After I went overseas, I truly
realized the great effort overseas practitioners have been putting out. In
Mainland China,
I have witnessed the greatness of Mainland Dafa disciples, and overseas, I also
witnessed the greatness of Dafa disciples here. We both exist for each other. When I just came out from China, I felt a
sense of unfairness in my heart. I felt that (Mainland) Dafa disciples sacrificed
so much and there was no way overseas practitioners could match it. After a
period of time, I have seen the great effort made by overseas Dafa disciples
and now I have come to realize that if there is still a difference between the Mainland
China and overseas practitioners in my thoughts, I am then actually playing a
role in separating Dafa disciples without knowing it.


When people ask me about the situation of
practitioners in Mainland China,
I am not willing to talk, because I will not be able to control myself and will
cry. I have witnessed the various hardships they
have suffered. Since my identity was kept secret,
it was easy for me to get in touch with and hear things about fellow


When the overwhelming persecution started, I
felt lost. Back then, I hadn't studied the Fa for very long, so I looked for
other practitioners everywhere but couldn’t find them. I went to the study
group and the practitioners there were shocked and asked me how I got in and if
there were police outside. I said no. One practitioner said: "We all went to
appeal. Some went to Beijing
and some went to the city government. I was taken to the
police station and several policemen beat me but we didn't hit back.
Practitioners said that we needed to be compassionate to them. A policeman said
that he was having a good time beating people and he had not enjoyed beating
people so much for a long time. One policeman got tired from beating people,
yet a practitioner handed him a handkerchief."


Because the policeman hit him too hard and he
couldn't stand up under it, he hit a heater with his head, which caused bleeding. The policeman
had no other choice and sent him to a hospital. His wife went to another place
to appeal and met with him two days later. They
each other as if a lifetime had passed. It was about July
20 and, while we were talking, the phone rang and a child's crying
voice came over. He said that his mother had left home to go to appeal. The
practitioner told the child not to cry, to stay strong
and to feel proud of his mother, but she herself cried after she hung up
the phone. I was very puzzled then and didn't know what to do. They told me not
come anymore and just say they were my tutors if police asked me. I asked if they had eaten dinner. They smiled
bitterly and said that they were not hungry.


I also met with
several other practitioners. Some of them had been handcuffed onto a heater for a whole night, some had been severely
beaten, and some had lost their homes and had to just wander around after they
escaped from the police station. I often went in and out of various practitioners'
houses and passed news to from one to another. The days were filled with
darkness with one practitioner being
arrested today and another being tortured tomorrow. A study site where
practitioners continued to study the Fa was surrounded, searched by policemen,
and practitioners were taken to a police station.


In 1999, I didn't know very many
practitioners who were being put in labor camps. They were just being bothered
repeatedly and detained and beaten if they went to appeal. In 2000, many
practitioners disappeared after going to Beijing.
I heard that our coordinator went to Beijing
and was beaten until his body was covered with wounds and his clothes were torn
into pieces. We also started truth-clarifying activities to oppose the
persecution. The former coordinators for Fa study groups and veteran
practitioners were all in labor camps and some of them were brainwashed and
transformed. We didn't have computers and could only rely on practitioners who
had relatives overseas to get Master's new articles. Practitioners overseas
would read the articles over the phone and we recorded them and transcribed them
into written format. We treated them as treasures and felt very grateful to
overseas practitioners. There were no truth materials. We would hand write
them, write letters and clarify the truth face-to-face.


When, for the first time, I took some truth
materials to distribute in the dark of night, I was so scared that I couldn't
stop trembling all over my body even though I kept reciting Master's poems. I
wanted to throw away the materials and escape, but the materials were so
precious. So, when I was afraid, I would say to myself: "You are a good-for-nothing
practitioner. Isn't it true that the worst thing is you might die? What's so
scary? I want to let all the people know the suffering practitioners have
endured in prisons and know the truth about Dafa." At that moment, I felt so
light as if I were about to fly and I felt extremely magnificent. But, after
that, I was still fearful when I distributed materials, especially after hearing
some news about tightened up surveillance, who had been arrested and beaten
severely, or who stopped practicing, etc.


Sometimes, I would feel very nervous even
when I was reading the books at home. I felt scared when someone knocked at the
door and it was even worse if I could hear the siren of a police car going off.
As Master's articles were published one after another, we started to realize
the force of the entire Fa-rectification and the root of the whole happening. Also,
practitioners gradually came out of labor camps and brainwashing centers. They
told us what happened inside the labor camps and brainwashing centers: practitioners
resisted the evil together and the suffering there was unimaginable. Whenever
they talked about those things, I would cry. They said that Dafa disciples are
forged into diamond. Back then, they weren't enlightened to the truth that the
old forces had arranged it and they thought that even if they were being beaten
to pieces, they would still firmly cultivate in Dafa. Being together with them, I improved very fast and didn't
just cry when I encountered tribulations. Instead, I learned to solve issues by
rationally analyzing them with Fa principles. However, I never reached
the state a Dafa disciple should be in when I was in Mainland China.


I once saw with my own eyes the glow in the faces
of practitioners who had made up their minds to go to Beijing to appeal. I once saw practitioners
hugging each other crying sadly. I once saw the ugly faces of those policemen
who hid in the dark to catch practitioners. I once saw practitioners being
taken away by policemen in order to protect other practitioners. I also saw
that a practitioner who kissed her newborn baby again and again before going to
Beijing. I knew
that these attachments needed to be put down, but it was still such a great
action to go out at that time.


A practitioner said to his father: "Even if
they use you to threaten me, I will never give up."


His father said: "If you give up, you are not
Dafa disciple and you are not my child. Even if they kill me in front of you,
you still cannot sign their documents."


Back then, practitioners
enlightened to the principle that we need to totally oppose the old forces'
arrangements, so everyone had thoughts of death and preparing for it ahead of
time. If arrested, we wouldn't give police even one cent
of money and would take care of kids this or that way, etc. When we read Master's
new lectures, we all felt ashamed of our thoughts. Because of fear and various attachments,
I didn't even have one day when I could relax. But, compared to the great effort
made by overseas Dafa disciples, I was actually in a more comfortable
situation. Although overseas practitioners were
not in such a dangerous environment, their effort was not any less. If it were not for their effort, the suffering
Mainland practitioners had to endure would be
far more severe. We are one body.


The suffering in
cultivation is an inevitable path practitioners have to put down their attachments. Whenever we encounter
difficulties, if we study the Fa and share more with fellow practitioners,
problems will be solved. Even now, I still feel pain in my heart when I think
of the faces of individual fellow practitioners in China. I once dreamed that policemen
holding knives in their hands surrounded fellow practitioners and me, and every
one of us wanted to dash out to die for the others. When I charged forward and
got stabbed by a knife, I was very happy and thought in my heart that other
practitioners wouldn't need to die anymore. When I told fellow practitioners
this dream, they cried too. They said: don't be foolish, send forth righteous thoughts
and eliminate the evil. With strong righteous thoughts, no one dares to touch
us and then it will be they who die.


Just as the term "fellow practitioners" is so kind and
warm, the relationship between practitioners cannot be measured using human
sentiment. One can give up everything for others. Helping
others means helping them understand the Fa principles. Whenever I encountered
difficulties in China,
I would ask fellow practitioners for help and they would help me
analyze where
the problem came from and thus find ways to solve the problem. They
said to me
that I needed to temper myself in the Fa and become a leader who could
take care of a universe. They had criticized me into tears countless
times; however
each time it was me who was wrong, improved and became more mature. I
once watched a cartoon movieabout seven brothers. Each of them was very
but they needed a seven-colored lotus flower to become one body. I hope
disciples will soon obtain this million-colored lotus flower!


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