Like Never Before

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | September 23, 2007


When evil is deemed as goodness

and only wealth in pocket is sought

when all that is tainted is believed to be purest

our hearts are sold where only the worthless can be bought.

When continuity is confined only to one life

and this human world is considered as home

wherever I walk amidst the many

here before the heavens a few stand alone.

When crimes and injustice are condoned

and conscience finds a quiet voice

when all that is defiled is now beautiful

and innocence is condemned by choice.

When lives would rather dwell in darkness than light

when all that is godless is revered

when deceit prevails over the virtues of truth

and stillness becomes the most feared.

When worldliness founds the new religion

and the sanctity of life is sacred no more

when lawlessness remains the order of the day

and progress falls behind like never before.

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