Inexhaustible at the Helm

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | November 4, 2007



To find myself beyond pursuit...

let the inherent spark within me

become an inexhaustible flame

a beacon to shine for all.

To lose my "self" beyond desire...

let the inherent truth within me

become an inexhaustible well

a vessel to brim for all.

To know myself beyond reflection...

let the inherent silence within me

become an inexhaustible realm

a world to awaken for all.

In My Sails and At My Helm

Casting wonder across

vast horizons

towards the heavens

and countless stars

traversing lands

and boundless oceans

pondering life's mysteries

all from afar.

Discovering the eyes

to see myself within

the mind to delve

into deeper realms

cultivating this heart

beneath the countless stars

to have *"Zhen - Shan - Ren"

in my sails and at my helm.

(*Truthfulness - Compassion - Forbearance")

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