A Poem for the "Party"

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | November 11, 2007


Poem to the "Party"

How many shadows must you cast

how much longer can your rule remain?

How many lives must you destroy

bearing no conscience nor a moment's shame?

You, who stifle freedom

trample culture with an iron heart

from ranting to rhetoric

propaganda to vicious lies

China, a country torn apart.

Hiding behind your walls

distorting the truth, distend

in your war against humanity

no haven or new horizon

and such brutality to defend.

How many souls must you poison

how much longer can the world be silent?

How many crimes must you wage

before we see the end to all your violence?

The Means to a "Party's" End    

Your flag unfurled,

flying like tears

of red against the sky.

Your crimes unsheathed

behind these walls of fear

ever closer to falling

no matter how high.

Your shameless heart

coldest where legions

of shadows reside.

Your reign to a remnant

a fading memory and no more

worlds soon to awaken

finding calm from such bitter tides.

("Party" - The Chinese Communist Party)

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