An Authentic Record of Retribution: Daughter-in-Law Punished by Gods for Not Being Respectful to Her Mother-In-Law

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | September 26, 2007

[] In the Sui
dynasty during Daye period, there was a daughter-in-law who did not
exhibit filial respect to her mother-in-law. One day, the
daughter-in-law put earthworms in the dish she cooked for her
mother-in-law because she figured that her mother-in-law was blind and
couldn't see. When the mother smelled the odd odor of the dish, she hid
a portion of it quietly to show it to her son later.

When the mother showed her son the dish, the son got very angry and
wanted to take his wife to the local authorities to punish her. On
their way there was a sudden thunderstorm and the woman disappeared.

Moments later, the daughter-in-law dropped down from the sky. Her body
and dress were the same as before, except that her head became a dog's
head and she could still talk. When the husband asked her what had
happened, she said: "Because of my lack of filial respect to mother,
the gods penalized me."

Nevertheless, the son still took her to the authorities. Later, the
daughter-in-law was seen begging on the street and then vanished. No
one knew what became of her.

(From Fayuan Zhulin)

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