Stories from History: Bao Shuya's Broad-Mindness

Yi Dou

PureInsight | November 8, 2007

Yi Dou Bao Shuya was a citizen of the Qi state during the Spring Autumn
Period (777 - 476 B.C.). He and Guan Zhong were partners in business.
Guan Zhong was poor and always took advantage of their business. But
Bao Shuya treated him well all along and never complained about it.

Later, Bao Shuya served Prince Xiaobai, while Guan Zhong served Prince
Jiu. Xiaobai and Jiu fought to get the throne. Xiaobai won and became
the emperor known as Qi Huangong. Prince Jiu was then killed and Guan
Zhong was imprisoned.

Because of Bao Shuya, Guan Zhong was released. Bao Shuya recommended
Guan Zhong to Qi Huangong to be prime minister and placed himself under
him. After Guan Zhong served as the Prime Minister, Qi Huangong quickly
became a powerful leader of feudal lords. Qi formed alliances with
other feudal lords and conquered the country.

Bao Shuya's descendants enjoyed official posts for decades. Most of
them took up senior official positions. People rarely praised Guan
Zhong's talents. Instead, they praised Bao Shuya's broad-mindedness and
ability to choose a talented person.  


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