Stories from History: Measuring Physicians' Skills

Liang Yan

PureInsight | December 9, 2007

[] Lord Wenhou
of Wei asked Bian Que: "I have heard that you and your brothers are
doctors. Whose medical skill is the best?" Bian Que answered: "My
eldest brother's skill is the best. My second elder brother is second
and I am last." Lord Wenhou asked: "Can you give me more details?"

Bian Que said: "My eldest brother stresses the essence in treating a
patient. He treats patients by eliminating the source of an illness
before it forms. That is why his reputation has never become known
beyond our house. My second elder brother treats patients when they
have just shown minor symptoms so his reputation has not spread beyond
our neighborhood. My method of treating patients is more complicated. I
feel the pulse, offer medicine, carry out acupuncture, and so on. The
conditions of my patients were usually critical so people think of my
medical skills as being the most brilliant. Even many lords know about

From Heguanzi: Bian Que's Brothers Good at Medicine

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