Xiao Hui

PureInsight | December 13, 2007

[] Liu Kuan
lived in the Han dynasty. He was kind and generous. Even in a hurried
and confused situation, he had never said anything stern or showed an
angry expression. When he was the prefecture chief at Nanyang, when
minor officers or civilians committed wrong, he only ordered his
deputies to flog them to help them understand their mistakes.

One morning his wife wanted to test his kindness when he was getting
ready to go to court. When Liu Kuan finished putting on the court
dress, she ordered a female servant drop a bowl of meat broth on his
clothing and soil his dress. Liu Kuan didn't change his expression.
Instead, he asked the servant: "Did you burn your hands?"


It may be easy to be kind on the surface. But to maintain kindness in
the face of a sudden incident is not a simple matter. Only when one can
be considerate of others and has a great benevolent mind, can one not
lose his true quality.

From "Enduring Writings of the Yuan Dynasty"

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