Outlook on Life: Honesty and Faithfulness Are the Keys to Success

Guan Ming

PureInsight | December 3, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Most of the
people in this world expect to achieve success and win
recognition.  However, not everyone can achieve what they expect,
no matter how clever they are.  This is because of the heavenly
law that controls every human's fate of being rich or poor, high or
low. The heavenly law sets out the rule that good and evil will always
be rewarded.  Therefore, the heavenly law favors those people who
are honest, tolerant and faithful.  As a result, trustworthy
people are more likely to succeed, while avaricious people are more
likely to fail.  We have come across many such cases in our daily
life.  Here is one of those examples.

Mr. Koike is a successful Japanese entrepreneur.  He is the
founder and owner of a Japanese stock exchange company.  His
honesty and trustworthiness are known throughout the land.  When
he was 13, he left his home village for the city to make a
living.  He worked as a shop assistant in a small shop while he
was also a salesman for a machinery company.  When he was 20, he
ran a small business of his own.  He applied his sales experience
to promote his business and successfully won 33 sales contracts within
fortnight.  He even received deposits from the customers. 
However, not long after he gained those contracts, he found out that
the price for the product he was selling to the customers was a bit
higher than from other companies.  He thought that his customers
would regret it if they learned they had signed contracts at a higher
price.  So he brought the contracts and the deposits with him and
visited the customers one by one.  He explained to the customers
about the price and told them that he agreed to revoke the contracts
and return their deposit.  His customers were deeply moved by his
honesty and faithfulness. As a result, none of them revoked their
contracts.  After that they trusted and respected him more than
ever.  Mr. Koike's honesty and faithfulness have made him a rich
man.  Today, he is a famous and respected entrepreneur in Japan.

So the bottom line is that honesty, sincerity and faithfulness can
bring people wealth and fortune.  This is a heavenly

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