The Will of a Millionaire

PureInsight | January 16, 2008

[] Thirty years
ago in Washington, D.C., a businessman's wife carelessly dropped her
purse in a hospital on a winter night. The businessman was extremely
worried and went out to look for it that night, because the purse
contained not only $100,000 but also a confidential marketing document.

As soon as the businessman hurried to the hospital, he saw right away a
thin girl who was squatting down next to the wall in the hallway,
trembling with cold, and in her arms was exactly the purse his wife had

The girl's name was Hiada and she had come to the hospital to accompany
her sick mother to see the doctors. The mother and the daughter, who
depended on each other for life, were very poor, so they sold
everything worth selling and gathered only enough money to stay in the
hospital for one night. Without more money, they would be chased out of
the hospital the next day.

That night, helpless Hiada paced back and forth in a hospital hallway.
She prayed for God's blessing and hoped to meet a kindhearted person
who would help save her mother. Suddenly, a woman coming down from
upstairs dropped her purse without even noticing it as she hurried
through the hallway, maybe because she had other things under her arm,
too. Hiada was the only person in the hallway at that time, and she
went over and picked the purse up. When she dashed out the door behind
the woman, the woman was already gone in a car.

Hiada returned to the hospital room. When she opened the purse, both
the mother and girl were shocked by bundles of money. They knew that
very moment that this money could help cure mother's disease. However,
the mother told Hiada to return to the hallway and wait for the person
to come back looking for it.

Despite the greatest effort by the businessman, Hiada's mother still
left the lonely daughter behind. Later on, the businessman adopted the
girl who lost her family. The mother and the daughter not only helped
the businessman get the $100,000 back, the more important thing was
that the returned marketing document made his business very successful
and he became a millionaire not long after.

After finishing college, Hiada, adopted by the businessman, helped the
millionaire take care of the business. Although the millionaire never
appointed her to any actual position, over a long time of practice, the
wisdom and experience of the millionaire exerted a subtle influence on
her, making her a mature businesswoman.

In the later years of the millionaire, he would ask Hiada's opinion on
many issues. When he was about to leave the world, he left the
following will:

"Before I got to know Hiada and her mother I already had lots of money,
but when I stood in front of the mother and girl who found this giant
amount of money when in sickness and poverty yet did not put it into
their own pocket, I found that they are the richest. They had
safeguarded the highest standard as humans and this was what I lacked
as a businessman. My money almost all came through tricks and fighting
with others. It was they who made me understand that the most important
possession in life is one's moral conduct. I adopted Hiada neither for
the sake of returning the grace nor out of sympathy. Instead I found
her to be a model for being a human.

With her beside me, I would remember clearly at any moment what I
should do and what I shouldn't, what money I should make and what I
shouldn't. This is the fundamental reason for my business becoming
prosperous later and my becoming a millionaire. After my death, my
millions of dollars of assets are all left to Hiada to inherit. This is
not to give but for my business to be more successful and prosperous. I
deeply believe that my smart son will under stand his father's careful

When the millionaire's son who lived overseas came back, he carefully
read his father's will and immediately signed the asset inheritance
agreement without hesitation: "I agree with Hiada inheriting all of the
assets of my father. I only propose that Hiada become my wife."

Upon reading the signature of millionaire's son, Hiada thought briefly
and signed: "I accept all the assets from the older generation,
including his son."

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