The Path to Peace

PureInsight | January 20, 2008

[] Many countries have tried engaging in warfare to achieve peace. I would very much like to know what their logic is.

The feasibility of applying warfare to acquire peace is just like applying gasoline to extinguish a fire.  

Words and deeds based on hatred will never dissolve any hatred.

There is no right side in any dispute, whether it is a war between
countries, a domestic dispute, or simply a fight. All participants
share wrongness.

Getting rid of nuclear weapons from any country will not achieve peace.
When people live under hatred, even if they use stones, many people
will be killed. Only by removing hatred can peace be achieved.

Purifying one's heart is the only effective way to attain peace.

The benevolent heart is the only path to peace. When one is without a
benevolent heart, it is impossible for one to acquire a peaceful mind.
If one cannot even be in peace with oneself, how can the whole world
attain peace?

The moment you lay down your hatred, your world will be peaceful. When
everyone lays down his hatred, the whole world will become peaceful.

The inner being and the external world are not two entirely different
things. When one's heart is without hatred, a peaceful world will
unfold before one's eyes naturally.

You don't need to be an outstanding figure in order to save this world
permeated with unfeeling and harsh emotions. You need only treat
everyone you encounter with a benevolent heart. The world will be
benign because of your existence.

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