A Record of Life: Preface

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | July 14, 2008

[PureInsight.org] When walking by myself, I often quietly pondered on the path that I have taken. In such serenity, I thought of many things. In the evening, I sat in front of my computer and typed them into articles, one after another. They are just like numerous tiny lotus flowers, blossoming in the cosmos...

As I recall, I first came here with three Fa-implements: a pen, a short flute, and a sword. Of course, those were from heaven. Today, I'm going to take these three, and I will write down a series of things that I know through cultivation. I will write them in the same way as I have done in the past.

Some of my friends who do not cultivate or some of my relatives may wonder: "You put so much effort into writing so many articles, but what is the purpose?" I also thought about this question myself. Publishing articles on the Internet has no reward of fame or money. Plus, I have to ask others for help submitting these articles on the Internet. However, I will do this no matter how difficult it is! Why is this? Because my purpose is to awaken, to raise the awareness of conscience, and to help move our society in a better direction. Also, doing this gives me a sense of relief.

Through cultivation, I came to know what life should be and why it is. Also, I would like to share the truth about some historic culture as well as some individuals. In this way, we can see through the maze and comprehend the essence of history, especially regarding some significant events. Furthermore, there is great experience and many lessons we can learn from history.

With my limited knowledge and cultivation level, I may not be able to explain things very accurately or clearly. In this process of revisiting history, please forgive my omissions or errors.

Here, humbly and truthfully, I would like to present some pieces of history. Meanwhile, I would like to examine myself: which parts are good, and which parts should be corrected.

No matter how many articles I write, I only have one wish: I hope all of us can know the truth, and not miss this unprecedented opportunity!

With the short poem below, we will embark on the journey of a series that is A Record of Life, in order to get a glimpse of true culture and life:

Day by day, passing crowds on the street,
With a smile, facing all kinds of karmic relationships.
Whether sunny or raining,
I always care about you, deep in my heart.
This is not only because of karmic relationships from generation after generation,
But more importantly, because Dafa teaches me compassion.
Although through cultivation, I may know some thoughts of others,
I still, as always, choose to tell you about the truth in history.
My only wish is, forever in the future,
You are able to stay away from disaster.
My heart already gone far and away,
Not at all attached to fame, interest, or sentimentality.
Having nothing with me except purity and modesty,
I live up to the Earth and Heaven,
As well as the hundreds of reincarnations!

Note: I have two thoughts to share. One is that no matter how truthful or interesting my record may seem, since it is from someone on the path of cultivation and saving sentient beings, there must be some omissions or errors. So please just regard them as stories - that are more or less real. Another thing is, do not look for extraordinary things or be attached to my stories, otherwise such attachments may hinder our cultivation. Many of us may have played the parts of well-known characters in history, but cultivators should not be attached to these things. Please always regard the Fa as teacher and follow the Fa.

Since, while writing, one purpose is to eliminate the old forces' arrangements, therefore, the articles may need some modification if one intends to present them to everyday people.

Draft on May 19, 2008
Revised on June 8, 2008
Finalized on June 28, 2008

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/6/29/53567.html

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