Don’t Miss Any Opportunities

Yi Zhu

PureInsight | June 10, 2009

[] “One cannot see the drizzle so fine as it wets one’s clothes, nor can one hear a sound when the flower petal drops to the ground.” [Editor’s note: These lines from a poem by Liu Changqing of the Tang Dynasty paint a perfect picture of a serene and tranquil scene.]

There are many scenes like this in our daily lives. But because we do not pay enough attention to our surroundings, we often miss them unknowingly.

After we have indulged in high-flying excitement and pleasures in everyday life, we realize that we have lost awareness of the simple contentment that the slightest warm breeze or the finest falling drizzle can bring. After we have achieved great honors and fame in this life, we come to understand the preciousness of living plainly and thoughtfully. A life is like a journey that will ultimately return to its original path. Not until that moment will we realize that the most beautiful things in our lives have gradually drifted far away from us as we pursued aimlessly and blindly ignored our surroundings. At that point, what is left for us are irreconcilable regrets and sadness as we look back at our lives and wish we could begin everything again one more time...

But if we could redo everything, what would our choices in life amount to?

When we sigh for the declining moral values in our society and the loss of the kind-heartedness found in ancient times, do we follow the trend or do we take the opportunity to be kind, honest, and tolerant persons? When we are angry at the evils that control society and spread lies all around, are we scared and feel hopeless, or do we take the opportunity to be persons who can tell right from wrong and kindness from viciousness? When natural disasters and man-made calamities occur one after another, do we give up hope, or do we take the opportunity to ask our consciences why heaven is angry and why people are complaining about it?

Have we realized that we have missed a lot of opportunities in our lives? It might look like we have pursued after and seized opportunities from our limited viewpoints of loss and gain. But in fact, we may have missed many good opportunities that we failed to see along the way. Hence, we have deep regrets and emotional pain when we take a look back.

The universe's principles make no distinctions and are often seen by kind people. Opportunities are given to people who are kind-hearted. Because good people tend to listen better and think about things more, they are naturally less likely to be befuddled. People with clear minds will surely grasp any good opportunities that the universe manifests to them.

Are there times when someone has quickly passed by you, yet took the time to tell you kindly that “Falun Dafa is good?” Are there times when some strangers met you and told you sincerely that “withdrawing from the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations will safeguard your life?” These kinds of opportunities ask nothing of you, just like the unseen drizzle falling and dampening your clothes. But have you ever given yourself the opportunity to listen to these kind and honest words?

I hope you can be mindful of your surroundings and give yourself a chance to learn the truth and be a clear-minded person not confused by the evil’s lies. I sincerely wish that you will keep a far distance from the evil and grasp the good opportunities that gods are giving us to let our lives have a truly beautiful future.

Opportunities can’t be made up for and time can’t go back. Please don’t miss such a wonderful opportunity in front of you!

Originally published in Chinese on March 5, 2009

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