Experiencing Shen Yun

Min Min (a high school student from Mainland China)

PureInsight | January 22, 2012

[PureInsight.org] It was a peaceful night at my aunt’s home, and I was watching Shen Yun Performing Arts on DVD. I quietly listened to the music that sounded like music endowed by Gods. I enjoyed each graceful dance that appeared just like beautiful fairies descending to earth. I experienced on a deep level the semi-divine culture with its history of five thousand years. Tonight, I was experiencing Shen Yun. My soul, which had long been submerged in the dust of this world, had a moment of peace and was reveling in the purity and finesse of Shen Yun’s music and dance. I was in a pleasant mood with a relaxed mind.

I watched the unique charm of classical oriental dance. The performers, exuding beauty and kindness moved gracefully, performing each dance as wonderfully as the heavenly wonderland it came from. The vivid and rich varieties of dances exhibited historical legends and tales. Behind these classical dances is the deep inner meaning of ancient traditional culture.

I listened to the wonderful blend of music and the beautiful low and high tones of the traditional bel canto. Be it the pure music or the graceful dances, every element of Shen Yun expresses the pure beauty and compassion of a divine culture, passed down over a historic period of five thousand years.

However, think about the current world where moral values are degenerating. Why has this world become so dirty and so dark? It is because people’s minds have been flooded and dazed with desires for fame and fortune. They are scrambling and intriguing over self interest. They are forsaking compassion in favor of indulging in worldly desires for material possessions. This is the result of the cruelty of the evil forces so brutally suppressing good people who have compassionate minds and thoughts. They have brewed up an evil storm that has shrouded the whole community in a haze of darkness.

Experiencing Shen Yun not only relaxes our physical body but also purifies our thoughts. Although society has become dirty and dark with many people confused and following a degenerate path, compassionate people have insisted on appealing for compassion from the bottom of their hearts. They have been making efforts to influence people to improve their morality. No matter how the evil forces persecute them, these kind people are firmly holding to their beliefs like the pure and elegant plum blossoms withstanding cold winds and snow to bloom with the flower of truth.

Please keep in mind that this earth, where many immortals have descended, still needs our sincere compassionate people in order to remain. The dawn will break through the darkness and justice will ultimately prevail over evil. The truth will eventually be exposed to the world. The divine culture, passed down over five thousand years will return. Sincere and pure smiles will appear on the faces of all compassionate people. The bright lights of Truth, Compassion and Forbearance will shine on the motherland.

August 8, 2011

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/8/8/76540.html


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