My Understandings of “Filial Piety is the Most Important of All Virtues”

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | May 7, 2013

[] When I was in my childhood, I saw this sentence in an ancient book, but couldn’t understand why “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues”. As our parents raised and nurtured us, we should show filial respect to them. During high school and college, I was busy dealing with exams and being immersed in the wicked Communist Party’s brainwashing teaching materials. I was therefore even less able to understand the implicit meanings of this old saying.

It was only after graduating from college, getting married, and having children that I eventually developed some understanding.

When I first met my brother in law, I didn’t notice anything in particular about him. I just thought he was pretty honest, filial to his parents, and considerate to his wife and children. One day both his parents became very sick, and needed someone to serve them constantly. My brother in law then applied for an unpaid leave from work so that he could look after them full time. Unfortunately his father died soon after and he therefore focussed on caring for his mother.

When I went to pay my respects to my parents-in-law during the last New Year, my brother in law invited me as well as other close family members for a meal in his house. At the dining table I noticed that my brother in law was very adept at drinking wine as every day he would drink close to 0.5kg of it. Thus, I urged him to drink less. He said, “I can’t as I’m troubled. At times like this, who could put up with not drinking? Everyday I’m stuck at home and even buying groceries is done in a hurry for fear of unfortunate news regarding my mother. I’m unable to be at ease.” In the presence of my brother in law, the other family members started to discuss the malice of drinking alcohol. My older sister said something that awoke me, as if I were in a dream. “Most people who drink like your brother in law would have health problem already, and yet your brother in law is very healthy. The reason for this can be told in one sentence, ‘Filial piety is the most important of all virtues’ as it is the karmic reward for showing filial respect toward one’s parents.” A person’s filial heart and conduct can move heaven and earth, and thus he will definitely receive the protection of gods.

When searching “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues” on the internet, I found this sentence is from Wang Yong Bin’s Hearthside Nocturne. Out of everything written in the Hearthside Nocturne, only this sentence has endorsed as a thousand-year famous saying, “If one has humane filial piety, he would not bear to do what's not allowed.” That's why filial piety is the first of 100 doctrines. A person who has filial piety will think about problems from the standpoint of others.

My brother in law is also in a difficult financial situation, and someone suggested to him to start an internet café business as this is very profitable. He responded, “Doing things that way would be too irresponsible for my children. I would rather be poor than do these virtue-losing things.”

Corresponding to this old saying is: “Sexual immorality is the root of all evils.” Once a person breeds demonic thoughts, they will push him to immoral behaviour.

Today in mainland China, the wicked communist party tried to suppress Falun Gong that propagates “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance”, while the government promotes instead falseness, evil and disgrace, indulging people in demonic thoughts. Right now in Mainland China, the “fake”, “poisonous”, and “pornographic” are everywhere. With corrupt officials rampant at every level, it is hard for one to make a decent living. Everyone feels unsafe, as the Mainland is being hit by natural disasters repeatedly.

I realised only after watching the “Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party”: The Communist Party is an evil cult to the letter; its purpose is to destroy sentient beings for monetary gain. The Communist Party considers the wicked as good and the traditional as bad, and regarding traditional culture as its enemy. When Shen Yun Performing Arts is touring the world, the Communist Party tried their best to disrupt it. Because what Shen Yun promotes is traditional culture which is humankind’s orthodox culture; if everyone understood this truth, would the Communist regime then have a market?

The wicked Communist Party’s purpose is to protect its dictatorship. It is determined to stick to its ways and to be an enemy to the people until the very end! If the Communist Party doesn’t perish, the people won’t have true happiness or freedom. The traditional concept of “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues” will therefore not be able to retrieve.

I call upon the people in mainland China today: you can choose to withdraw from the Communist Party for a new beginning. Dafa disciples are risking their lives to personally provide you with 2013 Shen Yun DVD’s, just so you can have a taste of the beauty of your divinely inspired culture. This will be your unforgettable spiritual artistic feast!

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