Falun Gong and Science Seminar

PureInsight | June 18, 2001

A Falun Gong and science seminar hosted by practitioners in the San Francisco Bay area was held on June 2 in Monterey. About 70 people from all walks of life attended.

Several doctors and professors, including a western practitioner, gave presentations at the seminar. Based on a large amount of material evidence and statistics, they discussed several topics, including counterexamples of the theory of Universal Gravitation, material evidence that contradicts the theory of evolution, the close relationship between morality and health, and examples of reincarnation. The presentations and discussions drew great interest from the audience and won warm applause.

Dr Licheng Niu, from the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago, gave a talk that included subjects as diverse as Newton’s apple, fairy dimensions, giant dimensions, modification of the theory of universal gravitation, mysterious sites, and the phenomena of Yogic flying and levitation. The phenomena that contradict the theory of universal gravitation don't appear in only one area, but they also include different manifestations at the same time and in the same place. Some people can even break away from the control of gravitation. Due to the reasons mentioned above, universal gravitation probably is another phenomenon that is fundamentally misunderstood. Dr Licheng talked about Newton’s three-dimensional theory, Einstein’s theory of four dimensions, super-symmetrical eight-dimension theory, and the super-string theory of eleven dimensions. When science was developing, these two great masters of modern science, Newton and Einstein, broke through set patterns and originated their own theories, as well as shattering their own conventions and eventually admitted to believing in God.

Dr Youzhi Ma from the University of California at Berkeley, presented a long list of photographs from all over the world to illustrate that there are many examples that contradict the theory of evolution. He also analyzed the logical loopholes at the foundation of the theory of evolution. 'If people evolved from apes, then there would be some similar characteristics between mankind and ape.' This hypothesis may be tenable, but it is just a hypothesis; we cannot say that mankind evolved from apes just because some of their characteristics are the same. Furthermore, no transitional proof can be found, while at the same time many counterexamples have emerged. He said that many findings are inconsistent with the theory of evolution, but it is a pity that all these examples have been ignored or hidden due to ulterior motives by the main-stream scientific community. Some incorrect examples are still quoted in textbooks. He mentioned the example that some scientists have had to give up their research careers just because they published results that differed from those of previous researchers, as documented in 'Mysterious Origin of Mankind' (NBC, 1996). The audience asked questions about where mankind came from, based upon Falun Gong, if mankind did not evolve from apes and whether a soul exists or not. Dr Youzhi asked people to read Mr. Li's book Zhuan Falun, or continue to listen to the discussions of microscopic particles and samsara. [six paths of reincarnation - Ed].

Dr. Xuerong Zhang from the University of California who discussed microscopic particles and samsara. She said a researcher from her lab calculated that the temperature that came from the interaction of atoms is about a millions times that of the surface temperature of the Sun. Therefore, from the perspective of science, it is impossible that the more microscopic particles disappear when people die. She said the microscopic particles still exist, but people cannot see or detect them. She gave a famous Indian example of samsara. A little girl was always saying things about her husband and relatives from a previous life. Later, some gynecologists helped verifying her story. They said it was inconceivable that a little girl could list all the kinds of feelings and pains from pregnancy through childbirth; she even clearly knew what medicine would be used. At last, people found her husband from her previous life using the clues provided by the little girl. People found that she could recognize her husband from her previous life in a crowd and clearly knew private things about him. At that time, Prime Minister Gandhi of India sent people to investigate this case and they found it irrefutable.

Professor Xiangjin Zeng, who was listed in a book of famous worldwide scientists in 1997, drew conclusions from a great number of investigational reports and statistics. He said that health has a close relationship with virtue, and because Falun Gong seriously values virtue, the health benefits of Falun Gong are very good. He listed several published reports of medical experiments to illustrate that valuing virtue and abusing virtue will be manifested as substances and will affect people's immunity.

The last speaker was Dr Centurion from the College of Medicine at Stanford University. This western practitioner introduced ancient and modern knowledge from Chinese and western countries regarding the celestial eye and pineal body. He said that many tales and documents have been handed down from Christianity, the Buddha school, the Taoist school, and indigenous people from North and South America concerning the celestial eye's ability to see things. In the 17th Century, Descartes, a French philosopher, made a comment that the soul stays in the pineal body. Coincidentally this comment follows the same idea as the Taoist school from China. Recently, supernormal phenomena from Qigong cultivation including the celestial eye, have led to special research in relevant departments in China. Some materials that have been published introduced the situation that the National Defense Department in the United States used supernormal capabilities during the cold war. He also pointed out that the experiments from doctors of neurology tally with the words from Mr. Li about the structure of the human celestial eye. However, the channels of the celestial eye that Mr. Li mentioned have not yet been proven by modern medicine, but it is not inconceivable from the outcome of experiments. This western medical doctor especially pointed out that things are not non-existent simply because they cannot be seen or detected by people. For instance, the energy channels from ancient Chinese medicine cannot be seen, but they have been widely recognized.

Finally, there was a Falun Gong practitioner who shared his personal experiences of some scenes observed with his celestial eye.

The Falun Gong practitioner's talk about science indeed showed people another point of view. They said that there were no conflicts between Falun Gong and science. Mr. Li advocated that scientists should face the new development and new discoveries of science, change rigid notions, and have the courage to break through the boundaries of previous researchers.

However, because they are practitioners, they talked about science and advised people to value virtue at the same time. When they talked about samsara, health, and the celestial eye, they emphasized the importance of virtue again and again. Maybe, this is a major aspect that modern science needs to break through.

(Translated from Zhenjian article: http://www.zhengjian.org/sci/sci/home/newscontent.asp?ID=10451)

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