A Brief Discussion on Medical Ethics

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 12, 2013

[PureInsight.org] According to contemporary Chinese language, medical ethics encompasses both medical morals and demeanor and behavior of medical personnel. What are the medical ethics of contemporary medical personnel like?

Let’s begin with big hospitals. The hospital I used to work at is in a small county in northern China. It has been called “The People’s Hospital” for as long as I can remember. It is operated by the government and the chief of the hospital is a CCP Section-level official.

In a meeting after this past New Year’s festival, the chief demanded that every section office must enforce minimum fees in order to increase income, such as fees for the hospitalization of children. For example, children will not be effectively treated and discharged unless their families spend less than 3000 yuan. In early March, a child from a neighboring village was in the hospital because of a fever. His parents didn’t take it seriously. Besides, when asked by doctors and nurses, they all said: “This is just a cold which will go away in a couple of days.” Nevertheless, 14 days passed and it had hardly gotten any better and the parents had spent more than 2000 yuan. They were worried very much because it was not easy for them to make that sum of money. Not only had it taken up a lot of their time, but they also begrudged every penny they spent. At their wit’s end, they asked a leader in the sanitary bureau to give notice before they went to the chief of the pediatric department. This time the chief of the pediatric department was in a good mood and said, “When I go to do the ward round soon, I’ll adjust the medicine and he’ll be all right tomorrow.” The next morning the child’s fever went down and he went home in the afternoon.

Nowadays there are clinics everywhere along the streets, some of them bigger and others smaller. People have all reported the expensive prices of their medicine for sale, and they are ripping off people without hesitation. Those who opened the clinics all have the ability to buy houses and cars within a couple of years. But from time to time these clinics caused patients to die when getting treated for diseases. When inquiring about the reasons, I found that they all wanted to keep the patients longer to make more money, and the resulting misdiagnosis or delay of diagnosis caused the death of the patients.

This is the “ethical style” of contemporary medical practitioners in China. Common people turn pale when talking about medicine today since they cannot afford the cost of curing diseases or hospitalization.

Being obsessed with money, modern China’s medical practitioners are far from considering their ethical standards. They actually have no ethical standard. They just seek money, daring to do anything for money, and without a moral bottom line they dare to kill people.

What caused this change in China’s medical ethics? One day I heard a person asking a question in the main square of our county, “You work in a court of law… why don’t you take the hospitals to court for killing people by misdiagnosis?” A middle-aged man replied, “There was a file from the superior court that said that lawsuits against hospitals could be registered and forwarded to the local government for processing.” On hearing this, I was suddenly enlightened: the CCP is the umbrella protecting the hospitals to do as they please. The low morality of medical practitioners is the result of the intentional promotion of money worship by the CCP.

In 2006, only after I had read the book Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party did I see clearly the real appearance of the CCP: a one-hundred-percent rogue party and a truly evil cult. In the evil party’s opinion, killing fits its bloodthirsty nature. The more corrupted people’s morality, and the more base people’s actions, the happier the CCP is as it is easier to control and exploit people as killing tools at different times.

In 2006, the The Epoch Times reported that the CCP controlled hospitals, police, and public and national security personnel to jointly remove organs from living Falun Gong practitioners without anesthesia, astonishing the world. This atrocity is hated by both man and God and caused a fury in heaven and on earth! How could the CCP carry out such evil things? If people had high morality and everyone abided by professional ethics and refused to cooperate with the CCP, could it have been done?

In ancient Chinese medicine there were four methods of diagnosis and treatment capable of curing various diseases. Why? Because those ancient doctors abided by medical ethics. Without ethics, there wouldn’t be excellent medical practice. Those great ancient Chinese doctors were actually cultivators who improved their character and put aside fame, gain, and desires. “However high your character is, that’s how high your gong is” (Zhuan Falun). When the cultivation of character reaches a certain level, supernatural abilities manifest. Celestial eyes could be opened and the insides of human bodies could be seen directly. The locations of diseases could be seen clearly, more clearly than what is seen with modern equipment. The next step was to prescribe medicine and as the medicine, which was quite cheap, took effect, the symptoms lessened.

When I was in high school a textbook included an article called “Bianque met with King Caihuan.” At that time I didn’t know why Bianque knew where king Caihuan’s disease was located with only a glimpse. After studying Falun Gong and reading Zhuan Falun, I understood that Bianque was a cultivator with exceptional abilities. His celestial eye was opened and he could see directly inside king Caihuan’s body. Another story about Hua Tuo in the Three Kingdoms era discussed how he had seen a tumor in Cao Cao’s head and recommended removing it by brain surgery. But Cao Cao cast Hua Tuo into prison thinking that Hua Tuo was intending to murder him. Hua Tuo died in prison and Cao Cao died from the disease in the end.

Even nowadays I’ve heard there are two master techniques of Chinese medicine still practiced—one is called “looking” and the other is called “feeling the pulse.” When patients come, no talking is needed. By looking at you or feeling your pulse for a while, they can tell the exact diagnosis and the medicine prescribed is simple and cheap. Some patients didn’t believe it and went to the hospital to get an x-ray exam for a second opinion. The diagnosis was the same but not as accurately described as by those practitioners of Chinese medicine.

The evil CCP, an evil specter that came from the west, destroyed China’s five thousand years of heavenly imparted culture and the serene, kind developmental environment of China. Traditional cultural books were burned or rewritten, including ancient Chinese medical books. Atheism and a philosophy of “struggle” were instilled into people year after year, day after day to brainwash them. People were forced to abandon the traits of their Chinese descendants. Especially in the process of persecuting Falun Gong, false, evil, and ugly things were indulged to combat Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance, dragging people’s morality downward a thousand miles a day. People dared to do anything for money and selfish desires. Conscience was lost by people who dared to do the “evilest thing to ever happen on this planet”—the removal of living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs. Not only doctors have no ethics, but people in all walks of life have no ethics. With the society developing continuously like this, isn’t it horrible when everyone is in danger?

If the Chinese people want to save themselves and go back to the ways of traditional culture to improve the ethics of doctors and people in all walks of life, the first and foremost thing is to relinquish the CCP and withdraw from its organizations to cast off its shackles. Only by doing so can Chinese people be liberated and only then can the Chinese nation have the hope of restoring its prestige.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/117752


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