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PureInsight | May 28, 2001

I - The Purpose Of Life And The Mission Of “PureInsight/Zhengjian”

PureInsight/Zhengjian is the foundation of a new science for future generations of humanity. It is meant to serve humanity as it will exist after the completion of the Fa-rectification. In order to build this foundation of PureInsight/Zhengjian, we must first fully comprehend the fundamental meaning of life and the true needs of humanity. Only with such a firm basis can it serve humanity and solve the essential problems of mankind.

As a human being, what is the meaning of life?

Mankind is not created in this space that we are living in now. It was created in higher level dimensions. Becoming increasingly corrupt, committing all kinds of wrongdoing over the ages, man slowly dropped down to this level of human beings. “From the perspective of supernormal abilities or of the great enlightened beings, these lives should have been destroyed upon falling to this level. Out of their benevolent compassion, however, the great enlightened beings gave them one more chance and constructed this special environment and unique dimension.” (Zhuan Falun) So, we learn that the fundamental purpose of life is to return to one’s original true self.

After one drops down to the space of humankind, “The lives in this dimension cannot see the lives in other dimensions or the truth of the universe. Thus, these human beings are actually lost in a maze.” (Zhuan Falun) Because in the maze people do not know the relationship between De and Karma, their selfishness makes the morality of the whole society slide down. Gods will not continue to acknowledge them as human once they have lost their basic human morality. When the moral level of the whole of society falls very low, mankind faces it’s own elimination.

The purpose of PureInsight/Zhengjian is to provide direction to elevate the morality of humanity, thereby saving humankind from elimination and allowing it to continue it’s development.

PureInsight/Zhengjian will replace the current science after the Fa has been rectified in the human dimension. After the Fa-rectification, human beings will return to their original and best stage, leading happy lives. PureInsight/Zhengjian should create a glorious future for humanity and provide the basis for the creation of mankind’s new culture.

II - The Problem With “Modern Science”

The scientific understandings of human beings should be imparted by the Gods. “Gods arrange the development of mankind’s society.” (Lecture at the Singapore Conference) But, “the science of mankind today is actually brought by the aliens”. (Lecture at the 1999 Canada Conference) It was not imparted by Gods to humans, but by aliens from within the three realms who want to control mankind. Their purpose is ultimately to take our places, replacing mankind. As a result, modern science has great limitations. The so-called modern science is limited to study of this material dimension and it has already reached it’s summit.

The so-called modern science is based upon the empirical model, the “Scientific Method”. It does not acknowledge that which it cannot see or cannot measure. “The theories and understandings held by today’s science regarding the fundamental characteristics of matter, the fundamental principles of life and the universe are all wrong.” (Lecture at the Western U.S. Conference-1999). Therefore human knowledge is forever deviating further from the truth. Because today’s science has an incorrect understanding of the basis of matter, mankind cannot utilize natural resources effectively, causing widespread waste and depletion of resources, contamination of the environment and ultimately, the deformation of mankind. Because of the mistaken basis of modern science, humanity regards itself as having evolved from animals and does not realize that it should return to it’s true nature. Darwin’s theory of “the strong survive” has corrupted the nature of humanity. Because science cannot verify the relationship between De and Karma, man does not know about karmic retribution. Science cannot verify the existence of Gods. Humans commit wrongdoing willfully, without scruples, causing the tremendous downfall of human morality and it’s coming to the verge of destruction. Science, therefore, actually attacks the essential nature of humanity.

The fundamentals upon which the so-called modern science is built are erroneous. Therefore the task of PureInsight/Zhengjian is not to repair modern science, but to build a new foundation to serve mankind as the starting point for it’s new explorations.

III - Circumstances Underlying the Formation of PureInsight/Zhengjian

PureInsight/Zhengjian is the result of a change in the cosmic climate. “Actually no matter how mankind develops, it develops following the arrangement of history. Even if you want to reach some points purposefully, you cannot do it.” (Zhuan Falun) Teacher said, “In the future, there will be even more incredible things showing up, because Fa will come to human society. All kinds of things that mankind cannot believe will show up, leaving mankind awestruck”(Lecture at the Western U.S. Conference 1999) “The genuine reality is bound to bring about a new science and a new understanding. The laws and principles of the universe will appear again in the human world.” (Remaking Mankind)

The elevation of human morality is the goal of creating a new science. Gods will not allow humanity to have a high-level science while it has a low-level morality. After the process of Fa-rectification, after the elimination of those not worthy of being human and after mankind pays off it’s karma, a large number of people will come to attain the Fa. There will be a leap in human morality with human moral standards returning to a very high level. Accordingly, human science will have to undergo fundamental change. PureInsight/Zhengjian will take it’s place.

The formation of PureInsight/Zhengjian will not result from the reform of today’s scientists, because “they are still ordinary people even if they grasp all the knowledge of mankind”. They are only able to build on top of the unstable foundations of today’s science. They are not able to create PureInsight/Zhengjian. PureInsight/Zhengjian is imparted from Gods to humans. Teacher said, “What is science? Buddha, Gods, what they grasp is the highest science.” (Zhuan Falun II) “In the future there will then be many experts and scholars whose wisdom will be broadened through the Buddha Fa. They will become the new mankind’s pioneers in different fields of learning.”(Verification)

PureInsight/Zhengjian is not a simple process of “remove” and “rebuild”. “Remove” and “rebuild” is entirely based on thinking at ordinary people’s level, replacing the old with the new, while PureInsight/Zhengjian is imparted to humans by Gods.

IV - Exploring The Mission Of The PureInsight Website

Teacher is rectifying the Fa of the universe. During the Fa-rectification, all deviated sentient beings shall be returned to the most original, the most initial and best stage (Lecture in Changchun 1998) At the lowest level, the subject needing rectification by Fa is humanity. Human beings also need to get rid of their deviation return to the best period of human history.

Eliminating the vile human beings is just one part of Fa-rectification. We should break through all human deviations, including the deviation of science during this period of Fa-rectification of the world, because modern science has penetrated to affect every aspect of human life, and everyone has been involved. The Fa-rectification in the field of science is one of the key areas of Fa-rectification of the world, which also includes the rectification of human culture.

The mission of Falun Dafa practitioners is “to assist Teacher with Fa-rectification in the human world”. At the moment, the main way that we fulfill our mission to assist Teacher is to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to the world’s people, expose the evil and offer people salvation. As the process of Fa-rectification continues in the world, rectifying the field of science becomes an additional task for us. At present, most of our practitioners are busy exposing the evil, so they haven’t realized the urgency of Fa-rectification in the field of science. The process of Fa-rectification in the world is a systematic one. Our practitioners should establish the basis of science for the future humanity. This is part of our historic mission. What we now do to develop the PureInsight website is also assisting our Teacher in the Fa-rectification.

Because the basis of modern science is incorrect, we cannot use it as the starting point for PureInsight. We should establish a foundation for the future new humanity’s new science so that it will develop on the proper path and provide the proper basis for the future new humanity’s culture. In this way, the process of Fa-rectification in the world will be complete.

The PureInsight website is a forum where Falun Dafa disciples build the foundations for the future science, which will be left for the new humanity. It should encompass both new science and new culture. The PureInsight website has the task to help mankind break through it’s deviations in all aspects. The successful completion of this task requires the input of a large number of practitioners. So far the contents of the PureInsight website are very weak, failing to meet the standard required. So we need the support from many disciples. Without a large number of articles written by practitioners it will be impossible to achieve the goals of the PureInsight website.

Although the PureInsight website is to be left for the people of the future, it still plays an important role in the validation of Falun Dafa today. The evil has labeled us as superstitious. Using the insights gained while cultivating Falun Dafa, practitioners can validate the Fa from many different points of view. This will effectively expose the evil’s deceits, making known to the world the truth about Falun Dafa. This will, in turn, cause the evil to lose its mark and result in the collapse of it’s house of cards. We can thereby offer salvation to the people of the world and accelerate the process of Fa-rectification. In the article Verification, Teacher said, “As a cultivator, you should make use of all feasible conditions to spread Dafa and verify that Dafa is correct and a genuine science, rather than preaching or idealism – this is every cultivator’s obligation.”

The PureInsight website will have the effect of shaking-up the so-called modern science. In the Lecture in Singapore 1998 Teacher said, “Changes of the celestial body are constantly being discovered, so are the secrets of life’s existence. I would say that this science is getting very shaky at present.” But this is not the main purpose of the PureInsight.

The new science, PureInsight, is a completely different system than the so-called modern science taught today. Many practitioners have been taught the ways of modern science, in fact most of us have been polluted by it in ways which we can hardly perceive. Some practitioners even try to explain everything using the theories of modern science. But to establish PureInsight we must abandon the influence of modern science and begin to explain phenomena based on principles of the Fa. Our goal is to found the basis of a new science for the future human race. Building on an impure foundation now would negatively impact the development of the future PureInsight. Accordingly, we must ensure that our articles are pure and avoid further contamination.

V - Path of development of PureInsight website

In Zhuan Falun, Teacher said that if science takes a different path it could bring about a completely different state. In different periods of prehistory, the paths human science took were different from each other. (Zhuan Falun II) Then which path should the PureInsight website follow? This is a difficult question to answer. PureInsight will be the new science for the new humanity, so it therefore ought to be perfect.

We get some indications of the proper path from our Teacher’s lectures. Teacher said, “I said that the development of Chinese ancient science is relatively correct.” (Falun Dafa Explication) Of course, PureInsight/Zhengjian need not copy ancient Chinese science, however it can provide us some idea of the direction we should be heading.

“Ancient Chinese scientific research focused directly on the human body, life, and the universe. The ancients dared to approach what is intangible and invisible, thus they can verify its existence. The insights that people gained while practicing and sitting in meditation became increasingly more intense feelings until they transformed and could actually be touched and seen. Thus for them, the formless gains form and the intangible is transformed to the tangible. The ancients took a different path to explore the secrets of life and the relationship between the human body and the universe, totally different from the path taken by the modern empirical science.” (Zhuan Falun II)

Human beings have various inborn capabilities, which are called paranormal and supernatural capabilities. “It is only that with the progress of human society, people focus more on the tangible things of our physical world, thus becoming more dependent upon our modern tools. Consequently, our human inborn capabilities are becoming more degenerated. In the end, they are made to disappear completely.” (Zhuan Falun) If humans were to utilize their inborn capabilities without relying on modern tools, then the destruction of the environment would not occur. Then, therefore, humanity would perpetually develop. At the same time, human beings’ paranormal and supernatural capabilities could also help to make the new science, or PureInsight, develop in multiple dimensions, breaking through the limitation faced by today’s science of not seeing beyond the limits of the physical dimension.

In Zhuan Falun II, Teacher indicated the direction to us, “In the future, a new science of the human body will appear, perhaps the future physics, chemistry, and other subjects will develop from a new angle with other point of view, not necessarily from completely from the current western view.”

In the Lecture in the Western United States 1999, Teacher mentioned the origin of various materials, such as the origin of soil, petroleum, gold etc. I think that Teacher was not telling us this to give us knowledge, but to indicate to us the direction of the development of PureInsight. Hasn’t the nature of matter been revealed to us? Only once the nature of matter has been made clear to us, can we learn to make use of it reasonably and responsibly. For example, the principle of inter-generation and inter-inhibition is discussed in the ancient Chinese theory of the Five Elements. Perhaps this understanding will lead to man’s more effective utilization, reuse and recycling of the resources available to us..

Without doubt, we should make it clear that no matter how developed the PureInsight becomes, it must still be science for the level of humanity, not the high-level science of a god’s level. In the Lecture in Europe, Teacher said, “I say that science can never get to, that is, develop to like the realm of Buddha. Because no matter how science develops, people are always simply everyday people. Think about it everyone, everyday people are who possess all kinds of human sentiment and desire, all kinds of attachments.”

VI - Subjects of PureInsight Science

PureInsight is to be the new science of humanity after Fa-Rectification. It is the manifestation of the Great Law of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance) at the lowest level, the level of human beings. In Lunyu, Teacher said, “If human beings are able to take a fresh look at themselves as well as the universe and change their rigid mentalities, humankind will make a leap forward. ‘The Buddha Fa’ enables humankind to understand the immeasurable and boundless world. Throughout the ages, only 'the Buddha Fa' has been able to perfectly provide a clear exposition of humanity, every dimension of material existence, life, and the entire universe.” From this statement, we can imagine that the future PureInsight should involve the study of the human body, matter, space, life and the universe. Among them, matter and space could be included in the study of the universe. This is consistent with the task of the PureInsight website, which is to highlight Falun Dafa disciples’ exploration of the human body, life, and the universe. PureInsight should involve the study of multi-dimensional science. Here we provide some simple guidelines.

a) Science of the Human Body
The Science of the Human Body can touch upon the origin of humanity, consciousness, the relation between consciousness and the brain, the structure of the human body, human body in multi-dimensions, energy channels, de(virtue), karma and their transformation relationship, cause and effect and karmic retribution, samsara, illness, medicine, human body inborn capabilities and new human culture, etc.

With respect to the new human culture, the key is improving human morality. In Lectures in the United States, Teacher said,” I am telling you that, actually, the root cause for all human ills is the decay of human morality. Without working on this, no human problems can be solved. Starting from this, all human problems can be solved.” With the upgrading of human morality, human language and human culture, etc will be ultimately changed.

b) Life
The exploration of life should recognize the existence of Gods. This is not to be construed as research whereby people try to prove their existence through dissection and classic scientific means. When humans don’t believe in Gods, they will consider nothing wrong, becoming arrogant and running wild, until finally they are eliminated. We can also explore a few of the lives in other dimensions to let people known that humanity is indeed low-level life. The exploration of Life should involve the fact that everything on earth has spirit. Plants, matter, particles, earth, and even planets are all alive. In Lectures in Europe, Teacher said, “chance occurrences do not exist, there is no such thing as coincidence, everything is causal”. We should let people know that natural phenomena such as thunder, earthquakes, plagues, heat waves (for example, Indian nuclear explosion) volcanic disturbances, etc. all happen for a reason, they are not coincidences.

c)The universe
The human body consists of matter. One must consume matter in order to survive. It is crucial to make efficient use of matter. The reasonable and responsible use of matter and resources to sustain human life is a good topic under this heading. We also will involve the future physics and chemistry, which would be built on new foundations as manifestations of the Fa.

PureInsight will probe into different dimensions of time-space to learn more of the truth about the universe. The ancient Chinese Hetu, Luoshu, Book of Changes, Taiji, Eight Deities etc., are examples of advanced sciences. They, also, include theories from different levels of the universe. PureInsight would also include a new astronomy and new mathematics to explain different levels of the universe.

Humanity has a long history of many different ages of human civilization, all of which were destroyed because of moral degeneration. If humanity was to understand the lessons offered by history, it would be very beneficial for mankind’s future development. Accordingly, PureInsight should involve some study of history, as well.

Final statement

The comments presented above are based on my personal understanding. Please point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. The purpose of this article is to encourage better articles to be written and published on Zhengjian and it’s new English counterpart, PureInsight.

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