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PureInsight | June 11, 2001

I believe that various new states and phenomena will gradually appear in the human world, as the process of Fa-rectification continues. All of the principles of the Fa will gradually reveal themselves in the human world. As practitioners, we should be clear about this anyway -- as we rationally understand Dafa to be the truth of the universe, we do not have to humanly create these changes -- we will see that they are an inevitable consequence of the Fa-rectification. (Of course we also understand that there is a cause for inevitability and will thus be active in the process) The purpose of ClearWisdom was to keep track with the evil's attack on Dafa, and to understand how to cultivate and progress with that process of Fa-rectification -- how to eliminate the evil. I think that as various phenomena appear, the purpose of PureInsight will be to provide an explanation from the perspective of the Fa for these new states and phenomena, so they can serve as lessons to humankind. These lessons will essentially leave for humankind the principles of the human world and human science and culture. For example, there will be more and more cases of immediate retribution for those who oppose Dafa. This validates and can be used to explain the principle of good is rewarded with good and evil with evil, and that Zhen-Shan-Ren is the sole criterion to judge good and bad people -- however at the same time is simply an inevitable consequence of the process of Fa-rectification progressing to the human world At the same time more and more supernormal phenomena will appear, which again must be clarified from the perspective of the Fa. The Fa and principles of the universe are bound to manifest themselves in the human world. Out of compassion, cultivators must provide people with an understanding of these phenomena.

At first I thought that when the law and principles of the universe manifest themselves in the human world, that Dafa disciples will be gone, then people will come to realize that Dafa is the truth of the universe. Now I understand it differently. Everything in the human world is so deviated, that when the principles of the universe are manifest in the human world, people will still not awaken, and will do much harm to themselves, and not awaken, unless they are guided towards the Fa. Without this, they will simply not reach the standard. They will turn to their distorted human ways of understanding, their religions, and their sciences -- none of which will be able to explain things. Without Dafa, they will not awaken. Either future cultivators or us must provide the role of validating Dafa as its principles for the human world manifest one by one. As practitioners, we are used to the concept of believing before seeing, so perhaps we expect people to believe the principles first, which will then and only then be revealed afterwards. Perhaps we thus expect that people must first understand and believe the principles of Dafa before they are revealed in the process of rectification. I think that this perspective is not quite correct in this special period of time. As cultivators it is our great enlightenment quality that has enabled us to see the light of Dafa through all the gloom and confusion, and it is precisely this distorted environment that has created so many great gods of the future. Ordinary people, and perhaps future cultivators do not have this great wuxing (enlightenment quality), however, and simply discussing this aspect or that aspect will not be enough to awaken them. We have been cultivating in the maze, but even the maze itself is distorted, and must be rectified. Master Li says in Zhuan Falun, (End of lecture 7) ' Let me tell you that you cannot understand another circumstance from the perspective of this environment. There should be a revolution in your minds. Without a TV set, people would have one in their foreheads and they can watch anything they want to see. They would also have supernormal capabilities.' Also Master has mentioned many times that all kind of abilities we call supernormal abilities are innate human abilities, which we have lost through our materialistic focus, and the corruption of human society. What state will the future human world be in? I think that if we could see it now, the future human world would appear as a supernormal and very harmonious one from our perspective of this current world -- however, it is still the maze of ordinary human society, and one will not be able see the truth of the universe from this dimension, which can be seen from all other dimensions. Of course the future human world will not provide the same opportunities for cultivation precisely because it is less distorted. As great cultivators, our power of enlightenment, and the guidance of the righteous Fa have even taken us beyond this distorted maze. But it is beyond most ordinary people to enlighten to even the lowest level of Dafa -- that of humankind -- in this distorted maze. We have been used to the principle of seeing then believing, but this is the principle for a cultivator to enlighten to the Fa. I think that the manifestation of the principles of the Fa in the human world is not so much to break the illusion of the human world, but more to rectify the illusion. Therefore I think that people in the human world will not awaken before the truth begins to be revealed, but after it is revealed. Various events will occur as an inevitable consequence and manifestation of the principles of the universe, which will wake up people. This of course is not arranged by us, just as the process of rectification was not arranged by us. However, cultivators are involved in the process of helping mankind to enlighten from these historical lessons.

One can imagine that as this process progresses, there will be more and more phenomena in the human world that will require an explanation from the perspective of Dafa. As these become more apparent, then the process by which Dafa is used to measure all things will gather pace -- as people's belief deepens and as the morality is upgraded, then it will gather pace. As the process continues, those who understand earlier will assimilate to Dafa whilst there is more illusion, thus enlightening and positioning themselves higher. As the process continues, more and more people will awaken, but the distortion will become less and less, and the illusion less and less, thus there will be less opportunity for enlightenment. The standard for humans will be higher and higher, but the opportunity to enlighten will become less and less. The gap will become smaller and smaller. Thus the humans of the future will be returned to their original moral standard and position, and the human world will be in harmony with the universe.

The events and phenomena that will awaken mankind, and the process of manifesting the Fa in their hearts will be left as a historical lesson for future humankind and the universe. But that lesson will of course contain the standard for culture, science and understanding -- for all fields of humankind in the future. I think that we need to reveal those instances where the principles of the universe are already being made apparent, where the principles of Dafa are beginning to break through the distortions and to manifest themselves in the human world. I think this is happening most apparently in China. In particular with regard to these sorts of aspects: the manifestation of various supernormal phenomena, such as people going for weeks without food in jails, the appearance of Falun and various other miracles; the power of righteous thoughts and actions; the power of compassion and the astonishing forbearance of the practitioners which would never be achievable by an ordinary person; and the appearance of the karmic law of retribution for those who oppose Dafa.

To look at it from another angle, the righteous and compassionate conduct of the disciples and the appearance of supernormal events in the midst of the evil's persecution of Dafa have been the laying of a rock solid foundation for Dafa in the human world. This is where the rectification has been surfacing in the human world.

This is just my understanding and thoughts. I do not consider them absolute in any way - I am aware of gaps in my understanding - I just wanted to share, and I welcome your thoughts.

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