Falun Rotates in Heaven and Earth


PureInsight | June 4, 2001

Falun has Gong features as well as Fa features.

The first time you saw Zhuan Falun, you liked the book so much that you held it in your hands for eight hours until you had finished reading it all the way from beginning to end. Right away you felt something moving in your abdomen, the Falun bestowed on you by the Teacher.

Then,a few days later, you sensed more and more Faluns rotating in your body. You knew those were the ones helping to adjust your body. Next, the Meridian Heavenly Circuit and the Maoyou Heavenly Circuit were put in motion in your body too. More amazingly, Faluns of various sizes, large or small at different times, were on your head or your face, at your tongue tip or your nose, in your pupils or your ears. As long as a Falun was not smaller than a grain of rice, you could see its rotation. Tiny Faluns would make you feel like you were being poked by needles and kind of hurt. Then you realized that perhaps your nerve cells were not blocked anymore or the nerves at your finger or toe tips were very sensitive.

Now you really understand the changing of the body you were born with and the transforming of your bones

Certain things kept moving inside your body and made you feel uncomfortable. Nerves at your fingertips and toe tips sensed the pain every day, although this was not the type caused by illness karma. Sometimes, you felt as if thousands or millions of ants were devouring your cells layer by layer from inside the bones to the outer body. Heavenly Circuits were impacting the human materials while the transformation of human substances to high-energy matter was following the principle of “no pain, no gain”. The apparent suffering from the transformation process lasted not just a few days but a few years.

Sometimes it was like the suffering during the last five minutes of your meditation in the lotus position. But this pain could hit anywhere. In that case, after you relaxed your legs by uncrossing them, the pain would go away. In this case, your legs were not crossed but the pains waved in and out just like during the last five minutes of meditation. On some occasions, the on-and-off pains would last for a full day. During the severe pains that were so hard to bear, you bit the bullet and vowed that you did not want to be a human being any longer.

A person full of karma and having a body from an ordinary human fetus wants to be transformed into a shining golden godly body. How could it be done free of “charge”?!

A human body is a small universe so it can produce living beings and other things and substances.

Throughout the enormous span of the ages, in the long duration of the development of the cosmos, you have formed derivative, non-original notions. The concepts or notions developed after your original birth are often selfish or not good; they also exist in your microscopic to macroscopic (molecular) body. Those notions are lined up together with karma as actual living particles in you; they have tried to gain control over you. The controlling power has been given to your Main Spirit. It’s up to you whether you take control of yourself or not; it’s none of anybody else’s business. This is a cosmic principle.

The manifestation of the plot by those warped notions to gain control over you in this earthy world is Qing (affections or emotions). The display of Qing in you goes through your seeing, hearing, tasting, touching nerve cells and senses so as to stimulate you to express your joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness. Your comfort, your feeling good or bad, your misery, and the like are manifested totally and fully in your body. So are the abstract notions of “time” and “birth, aging, illness, and death”. Those notions are in fact living beings; they are substances in your body. Otherwise, you would not be attached to time.

Grand talk counts for naught when it comes to life and death. Actions reveal what is true.

Qing is something filthy in the eyes of a God. So to appreciate the Fa with emotions is improper too.

When you had conflicts and encountered tribulations, your emotions were actively functioning. If you went ahead with those emotional responses, you reinforced your emotions and thus created new karma. Why should you reflect inward upon yourself and try to find fault inside during a conflict? It’s because the conflict came from some substance in your body. After being regulated by the high-energy matter, this kind of human substance should have no effect on your cultivated nerve cells. The substance of humankind’s postnatal notions should not move your heart. It all depends on your level of cultivation. This is an authentic example of mind and matter’s being just one thing.

The heart is unattached ---
No fight and at peace with the world.
Look but see not ---
Heart being neither confused nor tempted.
Hear but listen not ---
Mind not disturbed.
Eat but taste not-----
Mouth free from attachment.
Do but pursue not-----
Being constantly in the Dao.
Stay tranquil but think not-----
Mystical wonders will come out.

(Quoted from Master Li’s poem “In the Dao”)

As a part of the universe, your body interconnects with various realms in the cosmos. Falun’s rotation in your body should be similar to the Heavenly Falun’s rotation in the cosmos. As a Dafa particle you should be in synchrony with the Fa-rectification. So you should catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification and melt onto the Fa. “Wicked things will be gone after notions are rotated and changed”. All the warped notions, even the subtlest ones, should be rooted out and eliminated in the Fa-rectification. Falun rotating in Heaven and Earth has made it possible for you to assimilate to the cosmic characteristics “Truthfulness – Compassion – Forbearance” via the small universe of your human body. This way you are able to return to the true origin of your life. In simple words, this human body might well be an “assembly factory” with bad notions and black karma as raw materials to be transformed under the direction of the Dafa. It’s not really clear to you what’s beyond this implication.

(Translated from ://www.zhengjian.org/sci/sci/home/newscontent.asp?ID=9872)

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