To Embrace Magnificence

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | June 4, 2001

To Embrace Magnificence

When we first read Master Li’s newest article “The Disciples’ Greatness,” we were filled with feelings of solemnity, benevolence and tremendous pride. The magnificent divine light bathed our hearts. One righteous thought filled our minds: Yes, we want to become enlightened beings. At that moment, a brilliant rainbow appeared in the sky.

Master Li told us, “A person’s wish is very important.” (“Lecture in the United States”, page 17)

Firm Beliefs, Righteous Beliefs

I was finally given the chance to obtain the Fa and begin my cultivation after experiencing a great deal of hardship among the everyday people. I already had many doubts and had begun to question many things around me when I was only five years old. As a consequence, I ended up living my life as a loner with a rebellious and negative attitude. But from the moment that I decided to cultivate myself within Dafa, every single fiber of my being was cleansed and renewed. Because I obtained the Fa much later than many practitioners, I only had one thought in my head: I told myself to treasure my predestined relationship with the Fa, the kind of precious opportunity that no one had ever been given before since the beginning of time. I did my best to melt into the Fa as quickly as I could. I knew that any seed of doubt, any uncertainty, any question was an attachment. I spent as much time as I could studying the Fa. Looking back at the path that I have taken during the past two and a half years, I realized that any storm along the way was cleared away because the power of firm belief is unstoppable. “'Having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations' ['Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)']. The gifts that our teacher has bestowed upon us are indescribable. The Buddha Fa is endless. Being protected by the Fa is such a tranquil and peaceful feeling.

It is impossible for a person to have righteous thoughts without having firm belief first. Without having firm belief first, it is highly unlikely that one can have righteous beliefs, correct understandings and righteous enlightenment.

Firm belief is the beginning of one’s cultivation. Let’s see whether it will be sudden enlightenment or gradual enlightenment in your case (“enlightenment” with regard to one’s firm belief).

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