Evil Shocked by My Words

PureInsight | November 24, 2014

[PureInsight.org] After I was released from the forced labor camp, I returned home. Local police officials learnt that I had never changed my cultivation decision in the Labor camp. They put me on a blacklist for harassment.

One day, I was busy cleaning when four police officers suddenly knocked on my door. I opened the door and the policemen entered my house. They were from the infamous “610” Office. I sat down on the sofa and asked these policemen with a solemn voice, “Why are you here in my house today?” One of the officers said, “We’ve come to visit you, is there any problem?” I replied, “Of course, I don’t need your visit. You people harass us so often. You are not welcome at my house.” The officer in charge followed, “Why? Is there a problem for us to visit you? How can you say we are harassing you?” I replied with a very loud voice, “You people keep coming to our house, the kids are so scared of you now, you make it impossible for us to live a normal live, if this is not harassment, what it is?” One of the police officers then said, “We don’t come to scare your kids, we are just visiting you, what’s wrong with that?” I said: “If your family is visited by security agents every day, aren’t your kids scared as well? Can you yourself live a normal life?”

While I was talking to those police officers, two of the officers approached me and sat on both sides of me. Another stood right in front. These three officers formed a triangle. It became very obvious that they had come to kidnap me. The local evil police station was conducting a brainwashing session for those Falun Gong practitioners who had never changed their cultivation decision, so these officers had come to take me to that evil brainwashing session. My husband was timid. He was so frightened he kept saying good words to those officers. He even prepared tea for them with a broad smile on his face.

Right at that moment, I shouted loudly, “Don’t give them any water. We give good people tea; bad people don’t deserve our tea. These people don’t deserve to drink our water.” As soon as I said these words, I immediately lifted the tea cups from the sofa table and poured the water out onto the concrete floor. I continued, “Let me tell you, I am a good citizen following the principles of ‘Zhen Shan Ren’. I am always clean in my deeds. You have come to grab good people. You are doing things against your own consciences. Sooner or later, you will be punished!” I then continued to tell the truth about Falun Gong to these police officers. I told them of my physical benefits after I started to practice Falun Gong. I also told them stories of police officers who were punished due to their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, etc. While I was telling them all of these stories, tears began to fall. I had really become very determined right then that I was ready to give up all the things I had to defend Falun Gong.

The more I spoke, the stronger I felt. It seemed that every word from my mouth was giving the officers a shock. The evil had stopped being threatening in the face of a determined Falun Gong practitioner. These officers had come to catch me, but after they witnessed my reactions, they became unsure of themselves. I said to myself right then, “I am not a person that can be grabbed at any moment, I am determined to negate the old forces’ arrangements for me, I am simply not going to fall into the traps setup by the evil forces. Master is my backbone, Dafa is my backbone. There is nothing for me to be afraid of. I had never feared anything even when I was persecuted in the forced labor camp. How can I be intimidated by these officers?”

All the police officers became speechless after hearing my words. They were shocked. Not one had uttered a single word. Just at that moment, one of my friends came to my house to ask me to go shopping with her. When my friend saw the police officers in the house, she excused herself, “Oh, well, you are busy, I will come back later on.” I immediately realized that Master had just arranged this situation for me to escape, so I said right away, “No, I am not busy at all, let’s go shopping now.” I then left the house calmly.

When I returned home later in the day, the police officers had already gone. My husband said, “You were really brave this morning, you had really taught them a lesson. They were so timid in the end.” My husband then showed me two pieces of paper. I took a look at them and noticed they were the so-called “statements of remorse”. My husband told me that when other police officers came to visit me again, I just needed to show them the paper to indicate my case was closed.

From then on, no police officer ever came to harass me anymore. From this incident, I have come to realize that, when Dafa practitioners tell the truth of Falun Gong to police officers, we need to have a calm and peaceful mind. We are saving such police officers as well, this is “Shan”. We also need to use our power to shock evil forces, to make them awaken to prevent them from committing more crimes and accumulating more karma as a result of their persecution of Falun Gong so that these people will have a future. This is also “Shan”.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/136914


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