The Difference Between Two Bakeries

PureInsight | December 1, 2014

[] On my way to work, there are two bakeries: one makes pastries and the other makes biscuits.

When the biscuit shop first opened, it was pretty popular. People who didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home in the morning went to the biscuit shop to buy breakfast. There were quite a few people. When the city bus stopped near there, groups of people would go to the biscuit shop. As time passed, the number of people who went there declined. The city bus route also changed, no longer stopping in front of the shop. Occasionally I’d see the shop empty without any customers. Their business is no longer good.

Every morning when I pass that shop on the way to work, I feel sorry for the owner. I know why that shop went out of business. When the Shen Yun CDs arrived, its beautiful packaging, pure compassion and pure beauty attracted many people. When I offered one to the biscuit shop owner, she had a cold, empty expression on her face and angrily pushed it out the window, saying, “I don’t need that.” Since then, the shop slowly became more and more deserted until it went out of business. I truly feel sorry for her and hope that she can understand the truth in the future, receive blessings and have an auspicious future.

As for the pastry shop, the bosses (sometimes a man, sometimes a woman) have a kind attitude and were very happy to receive the Shen Yun CD. They continuously thanked me. They were also very happy when they received the truth-clarifying calendar. The owners understood the truth, received blessings and their business gradually improved. There are always long lines outside their shop, and their business is booming.

One’s attitude towards the truth and Dafa decides one’s fate. It is completely true! People of the world, when faced with the truth, you must seriously think about it. Don’t lose the opportunity to receive blessings and be saved!

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