Won the Lawsuit Before it Even Started

PureInsight | January 16, 2015

[PureInsight.org] “Little sister, stand there and wait.” A few years ago in the morning, as I was walking by a vegetable market near my home, I was suddenly stopped by a voice. I looked back and saw it was a neighbor before.

She grabbed me and said with excitement, “So magical, so magical. My lawsuit won before it even started. Why was it so magical?! I really thank your Master of Falun Gong.” I looked at her excitement and asked her to explain slowly. So she told me what happened in detail.

“Since I heard the truth about Falun Gong from you, I repeat ‘Falun Dafa Is Great, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance Is Great’ every day. So it was magical. Not only my body went through, my family members also benefited. For example, my grandson who is in third grade used to go out to play after school, he would not come home and we could not find him. He just wouldn’t do his homework. No one in the family could control him and everyone was worried about this. ”

“Since I started repeating ‘Falun Dafa Is Great, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance Is Great,’ he started greeting me when he returned from school, ‘Grandma, I’m back.’ Then he would get some water for himself and then sit down to do homework. This is something he would not do in the past. I understand in my heart that it was Falun Gong Master who helped. There are more magical things! ”

“In my family, my husband and son did pyramid schemes, but lost everything in the end. My daughter-in-law and my son fought terribly. After I heard about it, I thought to myself that this was not good and they could not hurt others. ”

“I wanted to sue a certain company and ask for justice. I could not let them hurt others either. So I wrote down a complaint and was going to send it to that company. I was planning on informing them first then suing them in the court.

Both my husband and my son did not let me go and said that I would definitely not be able to win or afford this lawsuit. Our family did not have wealth or power so we could only lose. In my heart, I knew that I had Master Li to help me. On the other hand, I was also promoting righteousness so I would definitely win. ”

“It kept storming during those few days. After lunch, I kept repeating the nine-character phrase in my heart and asked Dafa’s Master to help me. I have disabilities. I asked for no rain on my way there and back and let all the directors of that company wait for me in the office. Let me win this lawsuit. As a result, it was so magical that everything came true. On my way out and back, it really didn’t rain. When I got to the company and after I arrived home, it rained. The heads of that company were all there. We talked for the entire afternoon. At first their attitudes were very bad. They thought that they could take advantage of an old woman who was alone and disabled. I kept asking the Falun Gong Master for help in my heart. Gradually, their attitudes softened and asked me not to sue them, we could solve this privately. They told me to go home first and they would give me an answer after one week. ”

“After a few days, the heads came to my home to apologize and gave us more than the money they owed. They also said that they have never had a resolution like this. ”

“Oh, tell me, why it is so magical! Something that both my husband and my son thought to be absolutely impossible happened as I had wished. I really thank your Falun Gong Master. No wonder why you are still so determined when the CCP persecutes you so badly!”

My nice friends, we sincerely hope that more people will come to learn the facts of Falun Gong and read the books of Falun Gong. It will let you see what’s right and what’s wrong. All the lies about Falun Gong imposed onto your mind will be eliminated. If you sincerely remember “Falun Dafa Is Great, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is Great”, you will have a bright future. Many magical things will also come to your family.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/137252


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