To Be Direct, Not Avoiding Trouble and Selflessness

PureInsight | January 16, 2015

[] A family member of mine who is also a practitioner opened a store next to my store. At that time, she was very busy with things at home. Whenever she had to leave the store, she would keep the door open and ask me to take care of it.

One time, a customer came to buy something right after this practitioner left. The door was locked, so I called the fellow practitioner. She said to me, “I’m busy at home, so I can’t come right now.” When the guest at her house left, she came back to the store. I asked, “Can you make another key and give it to someone trustworthy in your store?” She replied, “Sure, I will make one. I will just give it to you because you think about others. You cultivate well.” Actually, what I was thinking at that time was: if you make another key for me, I won’t have to find you when the door is locked. However, the words changed when they came out of my mouth. I was shocked when the fellow practitioner said that I cultivate well. There was something not right within myself, so I said what I thought to the fellow practitioner. She asked, "Why are you so complicated? You’re always indirect. If you hadn’t told me, I would have thought you’re cultivating well. You revealed it when you said it. You’re still at the human level.”

When I told a young practitioner about this, she laughed and said, “How come I don’t think this way? If it were me, I would just say it directly.” I realized she was right. Being direct is clean and simple. It shortens the process and is less tiring. Through this, I saw how deeply and strongly my selfishness hid behind “natural habits”. Behind the words was an effort to avoid trouble and protect myself. What the words meant was: You decide to whom to give the key. If you give it to me, then that’s your choice. I did not ask for it. In case anything of yours is lost, it doesn’t affect me.

At work nowadays in China, besides being brainwashed by politics, telling the truth is not beneficial if you want to survive the battle for fame and personal gains. You have to learn to lie as if you are telling the truth. Whoever performs “Fakeness-Evil-Fighting” the best will be at the top and gain the most. At least you should know the basics like talking indirectly. Otherwise, even if you worked hard, you wouldn’t be rewarded.

I put a lot of effort into these bad behaviors after I started cultivation. I realized that being brainwashed by the CCP formed a pattern of thinking in my mind. I would easily fall into this way of thinking when I talked. I wanted to ask questions and answer other people’s questions like this. For example, when I do not agree with something, I would not tell the other person directly. I would go instead ask, “What are other people’s opinions?” When someone is judging another person and asks for my opinion, I would respond, “What is your opinion?” This way, not only could I grasp what was on other people’s minds, but I could also be placed in an active position. After cultivation, even though I have been determined to eliminate these things, it seemed like it could never be completely cleaned out. There seemed to be a root.

I wrote this experience for two reasons. The first is to expose my bad attachment and eliminate it. The second is to suggest to fellow practitioners from mainland China who went overseas: shouldn’t we eliminate the common problems that are formed under the environment of the CCP as soon as possible? The CCP is nearly completely eliminated, so how much longer will we have to stay here? Don’t let fellow practitioners in other countries be confused by our actions. Don’t let Master worry for us anymore.

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