Believe in Master and the Fa; Passing the Great Test of Life and Death

PureInsight | January 30, 2015

[] I obtained the Fa in 1997, and I am 56 years old this year. Jiang’s evil regime started its brutal persecution against Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999. I was listed as a key person by the local CCP police, and have since been illegally placed in detention centers, sentenced and forced labor camp by the evil five times. I suffered great hardships and my body was persecuted to the point of being deformed. Through all these years, I used my firm belief in Master and Fa as a basis to completely negate the persecution inflicted on my body by the old forces while at the same striving to do the three things well. Under Master’s compassion, I have passed tests of life and death one after another. Now, all the false phenomena of illness in my body have disappeared. I am busy saving people every day and have endless energy. The magic of the Fa is fully reflected in me. I am sincerely grateful to benevolent and mighty Master.

1) Firmly Believing in Master and Fa; Fundamentally Negate the False Phenomenon of “Illness”

I was put in the notorious Ma Shan Jia labor camp in 2004. I was forced to suffer all kinds of cruel tortures, such as being isolated in a small room with no lights, being slapped across my cheeks and beaten up in this black lair. All my teeth were beaten out. My eardrums were perforated. When I was tortured to the point of dying, I was rescued for a whole day in a hospital in Shenyang. Two tumors of 12 cm diameter were found in my body. Three more tumors of 6 cm diameters then grew on top of those two tumors. There were lumps the size of rice under my tongue. My abdomen was swollen like a pregnant woman’s in labor. My myocardium had a critical lack of blood. The evil police were afraid to take the responsibility in this situation. They hurriedly carried me into the police car and sent me home before the dawn on April 27th, 2005. While driving, the evil captain who beat me constantly called out my name, as he was afraid I would die in the car.

Though it was said I was going home, I actually had no home to return to. I temporarily stayed at my elder sister’s home. I helped my sister wash clothes and carry water the second day. My brother-in-law was at once shocked and said excitedly, “Sister, is this for real? Ma Shan Jia sent us a death notice; our phone was practically rang off the hook with requests to come pick you up. I had already arranged a cemetery spot for you.” My brother-in-law is a doctor and very much believed the science he learned. The scene in front of him fundamentally changed his thinking. He has believed in and supported Dafa since then.

I stayed at my elder sister’s home for two days before fellow practitioners then picked me up. Benevolent Master arranged me to be with a very diligent coordinator. We were together for six years. This fellow practitioner has gone overseas. She helped me a lot.

When I had just moved to the fellow practitioner’s home, I was deaf and had poor memory. I often lost and forgot things here and there. I even felt sleepy during Fa study and could not lift my eyelids. My hand pointed down when I sent forth righteous thoughts, and I could not straighten my waist. My period did not go away for a long time; my legs swollen, and half of my finger nails were tilted and pale. My abdomen was swollen and big, and wobbled when I walked. I had to take several breaks when climbing stairs. The fellow practitioners studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts with me in order to help me improve myself in the Fa as much as possible. At that time my relatives worried that I had a lot of tumors in my abdomen, and persuaded me to have surgery immediately. Otherwise, my life would be in danger. I basically kept my mind undisturbed. I said, “It is impossible that tumors are growing in my abdomen. That is a false phenomenon. Master salvaged me from the hell and purified my body. I have cultivated Dafa for so many years. How can I cultivate tumors in my abdomen? Isn’t that a joke?” Fellow practitioners also helped me enlighten to the Fa: We just believe in Master and Fa, and leave everything in Master’s hands. Life or death is decided by Master. Everything will change if we can really do it. My fellow practitioner not only encouraged me in cultivation, but also took good care of me in daily life. I had not a penny of income at that time. The fellow practitioner herself made her living by working at a temporary job, yet she had to support me too. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely thank the fellow practitioner. With the fellow practitioner’s encouragement and help, I tolerated extreme pain in my body, and adhered to studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and going out to clarify truth and save sentient beings. I walked the path Master arranged for me, and negated with actual actions all the persecutions the old forces executed on my body.

Once I clarified truth to an old medicine doctor. This elderly lady considerately said to me, “My dear, it looks like you have only three or four grams of blood. You go home and eat whatever you like to eat.” My mind was not disturbed by her words at all, and clarified the truth to her with smile. And I asked her to remember Falun Dafa is good and truthfulness-compassion- tolerance is good. The elder lady repeatedly thanked me.

One morning I suddenly felt my chest tight and short of breath when I was practicing “holding the wheel above the head”. I fell flat on my bed and lost consciousness. I did not regain consciousness until 11am. The fellow practitioner had been sending forth righteous thoughts for me. When she saw me come to myself, she went to get the already cooked egg for me to eat. My hand tried to pick up the spoon. But I was so weak that the spoon dropped on the table. I immediately sent forth a thought: “A demon will never be higher than a Tao” (Zhuan Falun). I picked up the spoon again and ate all of the egg. Then I rode a bicycle and went out and did what I was supposed to do. Through these years, no matter what uncomfortable feeling I had, I never considered it seriously. I consider them as good things and look at problems with righteous thoughts. I don’t recognize any of the old force’s persecution. In the process, the evil will extinguish themselves.

2) Master is Constantly Protecting Disciples; The Evil Cannot Hope to Take my Life

Once, all practitioners in the city coordinated as one body and went outside of the court to send forth righteous thoughts to rescue fellow practitioners. I also went. One practitioner saw me and said with surprise, “You walk waveringly.” At that time, I only weighed 40 kg. I could not eat. Drinking water caused stomachaches. My face looked gray and without blood. It seemed that I could be in danger anytime. Several fellow practitioners had a sharing with me and sent forth righteous thoughts to help me one day. When I was leaving, one of them gave me a small piece of water melon and said, “You eat it, nothing should bother you. You have survived storms and surges. What does this count for? You need to change your ordinary thinking.” I ate the water melon and rode home on my bicycle.

When I was about to study Fa around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, a burst of severe pain suddenly enshrouded my body. It was so painful that my internal organs seemed to be shifting. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts: Completely dissolve all evil beings and factors in other dimensions that are persecuting my body. No matter what attachments or omissions I have, everything is managed by Master and will be rectified by the Fa. No being is worthy of participating. Even less is the Evil is worthy of testing me. “Humans aren't worthy of testing this Fa, and neither are Gods. Whoever touches it commits a sin.”(Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America)I kept sending forth righteous thoughts like this. I lifted my palm and waist up straight. I don’t know when I lost consciousness. It was already past 7 o’clock when I came to myself the next morning. The body was still in the posture of sending forth righteous thoughts but the pain was gone. I knew this suddenly severe pain meant that the demon played hard to take my life. If benevolent Master had not protected his disciple, I probably would have died then.

3) Passing the Test of Life and Death Again, Verifying the Miraculous Nature of Dafa

In the spring of 2009, I worked in a shop which sold cooked food. I clarified the truth and gave amulets to customers. I was framed by a wicked person and illegally kidnapped again by demons. When evil police took me to a hospital of the city’s public security bureau for a physical exam, I heard one police officer shout with surprise, “Oh, there are two huge tumors with 19.9 cm in diameter in her abdomen. The small intestine is pushed out of shape and the bile is displaced.” After I was put in a detention center, I went on a hunger strike the same day to resist persecution. There was only one thought in my mind: I must get out. Here is definitely not the place where Dafa disciples stay. I constantly sent forth righteous thoughts and looked inward. On the third evening, Master let me see with my celestial eyes (I cultivate with my celestial eyes closed) that the demons in other dimensions were disintegrated one after another and a big colorful law wheel which was rotating appeared. I knew that benevolent Master was encouraging his disciple. I seized the moment to clarify truth to the criminals there, persuaded them to do three withdraws from CCP, and taught them to sing Dafa songs.

Half a month later, my body appeared to be in a severe, dying state. They called an ambulance to send me to a hospital of the Public Security Bureau for rescue. My elder sister and her husband already had been informed and arrived at the hospital at this moment. My sister rightly interrogated the evil police why they captured a person without reason? She also cried and suffered. Bystanders angrily swore that the conscience of the police had been eaten by dogs. One policeman slapped his leg and said that he was not going to do things that lose de any more. Several evil policemen saw the situation and left dejectedly. This time, I had been persecuted to the point of being unrecognizable. Elder sister took me to her home. After I arrived at her home, I drank a few mouthfuls of milk and then I wanted to use the restroom. When I realized that my elder sister was not in the room, I thought this too was a test I had to overcome. I rolled myself from the bed down to the floor, and crawled to the restroom. My elder sister found out and stood in front of me. I only heard her say several words and then I passed out. When elder sister bent down to lift my head, she felt that I was already stopped breathing. My brother-in-law said repeatedly, “It’s all over; even the dying excrement has come out.” My elder sister cried and shouted, “Master, please save your disciple. This is your good disciple. She should not die.” My elder sister shouted for half hour. I then came to myself. My brother-in-law excitedly said, “Dafa is great; it is magical. If I did not see it in person today, no matter what others say, I would take it as a legend. I truly believe it this time.” My elder sister and brother-in-law hence both entered Dafa cultivation at the same time.

Despite having endured so many physical tribulations throughout these years, there is Master, and there is Fa. I have thus passed all these tribulations. Cultivating Dafa is blessing. What Master gives his disciples is the best. Master eliminated many bad things for me and my body has undergone a great change during this process. Now I can carry a bag of 25kg rice up 6 floors without feeling tired. It is not a big deal for me to carry an electrical-bicycle and walk. All the negativity of my previous states have disappeared. I have experienced: “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun) As long as we do things conforming to the Fa, Master will help his disciples, and there will be no obstacles and tribulations that cannot be passed.

The above are a few experiences at my level. If there is anything inappropriate with the Fa, please benevolently correct me.

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