Shen Yun’s New 2018 World Tour to Begin Before Christmas

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PureInsight | December 23, 2017

[] The internationally renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts will begin their 2018 world tour on December 22. Not only will Shen Yun’s set foot on five continents this year, but they will also debut in Israel, bringing the beauty of traditional Chinese culture to the people of the Middle East.

This year marks Shen Yun’s twelfth annual world tour. Shen Yun’s five troupes will simultaneously begin touring before Christmas.

Shen Yun brings a completely new program each year. This year, they will perform over 500 shows in over 130 cities across five continents.

Dana Rohrabacher, US congressman, addressed on January 17, 2017, “I will send a personal message to president Trump. He needs to see this performance.”

Simon Simonian, three time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, praised on April 22, 2017, “The performance was one of the most beautiful performances that one can see today in its grace, beauty, color, and spirituality, as well as reality.”

Paula Wirth, public relations manager, said on April 8, 2017, “The seven hour drive was really a worthwhile trip.”

Last year almost all of Shen Yun’s performances in North America were sold out. Audience members from mainstream society applauded Shen Yun’s pure compassion, pure beauty, and touching nature.

This year Shen Yun will perform nearly 400 shows in North America, breaking a new record. Shen Yun will also travel to nearly 100 cities.

George Muller, retired Auditor General, acclaimed on April 29, 2017, “This is my third time seeing Shen Yun.”

Daniel Hayes, Mayor of Bridgewater, New Jersey, praised on May 5, 2017, “The costumes, colors, and choreography make you feel the amazing depths of Chinese culture. I would like to pay respects to the director of Shen Yun!”

Christian Gossett, Californian filmmaker, express his feeling on April 14, 2017, “I was crying. It is too beautiful. My experience was that it was full of divinity.”

Don Camp, Californian photographer and documentary film producer, commended on April 14, 2017, “I'm going to be an ambassador [for Shen Yun]. I'm going to tell everyone, 'You have to come and see Shen Yun.' Absolutely. And I'm going home with a big smile. I want to come back again to see 2018.”

Europe is the historical center of origin for contemporary humanities and arts. When it comes to traditional arts, Europeans generally have higher distinguishing ability and taste.

When Shen Yun performs in Europe annually, not only do they delight the local audience, but elite audience members from all walks of life also give the highest praise for Shen Yun.

Michael Otto, owner of the Otto Group and the richest man in Hamburg, Germany, praised on April 1, 2017, “I thought the performance was absolutely superb. The dancers, choreography, orchestra, and everything else blended into one. I must say the performance was one of a kind!”

Gertrud Derler, former teacher at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, said on May 5, 2017, “The combination of Eastern and Western instruments is delightful.”

France Richard, former dancer with the Paris Opera, indicated on April 23, 2017, “I am very sensitive to perfection. I must admit that it was really a revelation when I saw [Shen Yun] for the first time. I said to myself, ‘Oh! I want to see it again because it is magnificent. For me, this is the pinnacle.”

This year Shen Yun will tour England and dozens of cities in Europe.

Athol Willoughby, renowned Australian ballet teacher and Cecchetti senior examiner, praised on March 24, 2017, “This is the fourth time I’ve seen the Shen Yun company, and I just can’t believe how perfect they are… They’re so perfect, it makes me jealous. If only we could get that perfection in classical ballet.”

Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, which are part of the Asia-Pacific region, will welcome Shen Yun in their twelfth tour.

Shen Yun revives the broad and elegant five thousand years of traditional Chinese culture and has had the best box office and spread by word of mouth in the Asia-Pacific region. Especially in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea the shows have been sold out in recent years. It is difficult to find tickets in many cities.

This year Shen Yun will perform over 80 shows in over 20 cities in the Asia Pacific region.

Lin Quan, former chief executive of the Republic of China, acclaimed, “It is a worthwhile journey for me to come here.”

Wei Te-sheng, Taiwanese film director, commended, “I have thought about the possibility of combining onstage performance with visual effects, but I did not think it would actually be portrayed this way. The transitioning between images on the backdrops and actors on the stage was perfect. It was done with such high precision.”

Su Jiaquan, Taiwan President of the Legislative Yuan, addressed, “It is truly amazing. I think such a great performance should be more widely promoted. I believe that if you do not see this show, you will regret it for life.”

Shen Yun will also debut in Tel Aviv, Israel, bringing the best contemporary audio-visual art feast to the Middle East.

On December 22, Shen Yun will debut in Houston, Texas, Waterbury, Connecticut, Burlington, Vermont, and Kansas City, Missouri, kicking off its 2018 world tour.


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