Clarifying the Truth on the RTC Platform

A Taiwan Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | November 2, 2018

[] In January 2017, I was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa. I felt the beauty of Dafa as soon as I obtained the Fa. Not only did Dafa change my world view, but also helped me to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. Since obtaining the Fa, I have been doing the Falun Dafa exercises every day. Besides studying the Fa by myself, I also participate in group Fa study with other practitioners. After I finished reading all of Master’s teachings, I realized that Dafa disciples are not only aiming at gaining fruit status, but are also responsible for saving sentient beings. However, due to numerous chores, I did not immediately participate in truth-clarification projects except for promoting Shen Yun, because I did not want to cause family misunderstandings.

In March this year, I participated in a tea party to promote Shen Yun in my area. I met a colleague whom I haven’t seen for twenty years. She is also a Dafa practitioner. She told me that she has been clarifying the truth on the RTC platform for more than ten years. The RTC platform is on the front line of truth clarification. Even though it is very hard to clarify the truth using phone calls, practitioners can obtain boundless virtue by doing so. Moreover, it’s very convenient and time-flexible to clarify the truth through the RTC platform. She said, “You can make truth-clarification phone calls even when you are at home”.  I said, “Let me think about it. I will try my best to see if it’s possible.”

On July 7 this year, I attended the Truth-Clarification Experience Sharing Conference in Taiwan. After hearing a lot of other practitioners’ experiences, I realized the importance of clarifying the truth. I asked some practitioners to help me with the RTC platform after the Conference. From joining the platform, installing the remote system, purchasing the dialing tool, to the platform training and certification, we surely encountered some difficulties, but we overcame all of them.  I began to make truth-clarification phone calls on August 28. Master said in the Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference, "All of this which is part of your path—was brought about by your vow, and nothing is by chance". I know Master arranged everything for me, from meeting the practitioner who I haven’t seen for a long time, to joining the RTC platform. I shed tears when I think of Master’s benevolent compassion. I told myself to live up to Master’s expectation.

On my first day, somebody answered my phone call on my second attempt. I was a little excited and a little nervous. I started to clarify the truth. The person gave me some random responses. I still continued to talk to him. After 11 minutes, my brain suddenly became blank. I did not know what else to say. The person therefore hung up. I suddenly felt very tired, as if I had just fought a hard battle with the evil. I found a lot of attachments when I looked within. Fellow practitioners told me that it was Master who gave me the opportunity to clarify the truth. Over the next few days, I reviewed all the RTC training materials and speech scripts. I also summarized tips of telephone truth-clarification from other practitioners’ experiences, and thought deeply and carefully about how to attract recipients’ attention and lead the conversation.

During September more people answered my phone calls, and I was less nervous. I was able to clarify the truth in a systematic way. One person listened to me for 6 minutes and another person listened to me for 12 minutes. One day I called 16 people, and only 4 of them did not answer. I started the conversation with “I called you to share some good things with you” On one of my phone calls, the recipient responded, “Who are you?” I said, “I am from Taiwan, a democratic, beautiful island”. Immediately after hearing what I said, he yelled at me, “Good things? You are not qualified to tell me good things. Taiwan? Come to talk to me if Taiwan gains its independence”. He then hung up. I called him back again and again. On my fourth time, he was even angrier. He said a lot of bad words and hung up again. I did not say anything to him this time and was very discouraged. I felt frustrated. However, I remembered how practitioners told me not to be moved by ordinary people. We are saving ordinary people. I prayed to Master in my heart. I hoped Master could help me. I called the person again. He answered; I told him, “It’s my turn now. Let me tell you, you were really loud. When you are arrested in the future because you have committed some crimes, will you still be so loud? The reason why I have called you again and again is that I wish you a safe future. Many things you eat in mainland China are downright dangerous: poisoned milk powder, fake eggs, fake wine, poisoned rice, and now fake vaccines. The Chinese Communist Party does not care about your death. Why do you still support the CCP?” He stopped yelling and listened to me quietly. I continued, “Now the situation is changing. You need to be wise and protect yourself. Please think thoroughly before doing anything. Gods are watching us. What goes around comes around”. I also told him about the CCP’s new order on August 12, which states that Policeman are responsible for any consequences of relevant cases, the fact that many high Government Officials have been arrested, and how retribution came to Changxia Ren who had arrested Falun Gong practitioners in the past. I told him that the nature of the CCP is evil. Its goal is to destroy all human beings. I encouraged him to quit the CCP. I gave him a VPN website, the number to call if he wanted to quit, and the number of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong”. He listened to me for 12 minutes. I felt that I was improving. Even though I was unable to make him quit the CCP immediately, I think my words left an impact on him. I know Master was helping and encouraging me.

When I attended an experience sharing meeting with practitioners in the evening, the host encouraged me to share my experiences. I was very nervous because I was afraid that I could not articulate very well. However, I did not want to let go of such a great experience-sharing opportunity. I finally gathered all my courage and started sharing my experience. I was more nervous than I thought. Yet I still shared my experience briefly. Even though I was not satisfied with my sharing, the other practitioners thought my sharing was good. I really appreciated practitioners for giving me such a valuable opportunity to share my experiences, which also gave me a chance to improve myself. I hope I can overcome all tribulations and improve myself further. Thanks to Master. Thanks to fellow practitioners.

If I said something wrong, please correct me. Thank you. Heshi.

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